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Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

I am so excited to announce that Sarah’s ebook, Teaching from Rest is available today! I had the privilege to edit and proofread the book for her, so I had an excuse to go over it slowly, carefully, and multiple times.

I must say, if you read one book on homeschooling this summer, this book should be it. Sarah is honest and real, yet also enthusiastic and inspiring. She’s been into the classical homeschool scene for fewer years than I, yet she’s gone straight to the core and internalized it. This is the real deal. If you like CiRCE but it’s too ethereal and vague, Teaching from Rest puts legs, feet, and energy into the core of what CiRCE has been talking about for years. Sarah gets it and Sarah communicates it heart-to-heart right where we as homeschooling mothers are.

“Teaching from a state of rest” is a phrase Andrew Kern has tossed around, and Sarah nails the concept:

He [Kern] didn’t mean, teach your calm children in a calm manner on a calm afternoon. He didn’t even mean teach on a full night’s sleep (thank goodness). He meant that we ought to enter into God’s rest and then serve Him wholeheartedly- not out of anxiety, but out of love and trust.

It is a book about trusting God while being faithful where He has called us.

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

We can’t really rest in God’s care until we trust that He will indeed care for us. And that means I can’t teach from rest unless I trust Him with my kids’ education, too. I am not meant to take on this task of teaching and raising my children in my own strength, and neither are you. We are, however, meant to recognize every facet of our day as coming from the hand of God. It all passes through His fingers first, and he uses it to make sure that we lean hard on Him.

And, lest any of my readers are concerned because Sarah is Catholic, let me assure you as a dedicated Calvinist that this book is solid in the basics and sticks with fundamental truths: God is in control, we can trust Him, we need to keep our eyes on Him, and His grace is sufficient. We all agree with those statements, and that’s all we need for Christian rest. Sarah’s life for the last year and a half has been drenched in the truth of God’s grace, and it is evident and spoken truly within this book. It is a book for Christian mothers, whatever church you attend. In fact, I really think it would be an encouragement to all mothers, even if you do not carry the extra burden of the complete education of your children – as mothers, we still deeply feel that responsibility of raising them. Sarah will speak words of refreshment and encouragement to you right where you are, because she’s right there, too.

In addition to the book, Sarah also recorded four podcasts that are each insightful and encouraging. She talked to Cindy Rollins, Brandy Vencel, Christopher Perrin, and Andrew Kern and we get to listen in. What each of those people has to say is worth listening to, and then add on top Sarah’s infectious enthusiasm, and these are honestly some of the best homeschool audios I’ve ever listened to, and I listen to all that I can get my headphones on. I’d even go so far as to say that Andrew Kern gets practical! Definitely worth the money (after all, Sarah put a lot of time and energy into producing them) and the time.

Teaching from a state of rest

Best of all, I get to give away a free bundle: an ebook and a set of the audios (with a companion journal) to one of my readers!

To enter, simply leave a comment and tell me what your biggest obstacle to peace and calm is in a typical homeschool day. You can earn 3 extra entries by sharing this post on Facebook. Just leave a second comment telling me that you did so. :)

I will pick and announce a winner Monday morning. And then, hurry and get your copy because this week only, Sarah is offering 25% off everything, no discount code required.

22 Responses

  1. Dawn
    | Reply

    Yay! Another opportunity to win this wonderful package.

    I am the biggest obstacle to my homeschool day, in all honesty. Letting the irritations and anxiety accumulate until the environment of my home becomes one in which we cannot thrive. I am a work in progress and look forward to reading/listening to this wonderful tool to gain some more tips regarding how better to reach from rest.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Mystie and Sarah.

  2. Sharon
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle has been life getting in the way of my plans and vision for our boys. We have dealt with a son getting leukemia then bone marrow transplant, husband job change, moving to a temporary trailer while the house is for sale, hubby’s getting hurt, and now his knee surgery. I have started SOTW 1 THREE times in the past 3 years, and we are again only on chapter 8. Just trying to get in reading, writing, and math is a struggle.
    Please enter me to win, but even better, pick me to win. ;-)
    Thanks for offering this chance to win.

  3. Sharon
    | Reply

    I shared this on facebook, too.

  4. Lyne
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacles have been being over tired, over committed and impatient.

  5. Diana N
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacles are my expectations with myself and my children and my frustration that the little things in life get in the way of my plan ;-). I would love to win a copy.

  6. Jodi
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is, no question, my own temper.

  7. hadermer01
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is the unrealistic expectations and ideals I put on myself and my kids.

  8. hadermer01
    | Reply

    I shared on Facebook :)

  9. Leanne
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is me – esp how easily I get distracted from what I need to do into spending way too much times doing something else that caught my attention.

  10. Heather
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is not really knowing how to balance the needs of a large age range. The bigger kids need lots of schooling help and focused attention from me, and the baby and toddler issues are much different: Naps, nursing, diapers, potty training, tantrums, messes, constant supervision…. I have a hard time meshing all those varying factors without getting frazzled and impatient.

  11. Virginia Lee
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is myself. I can get lazy and distracted and then impatient with my children because I want to still cram in a full day. The days where I actually listen to the Holy Spirit are wonderful and full of blessing. Go figure. :)

  12. Virginia Lee
    | Reply

    I’m not Facebook literate. I pushed the Like button under your post. Is that what you mean by sharing? If yes, then I shared as well. But it’s my husband’s account. Thank you, Mystie.

  13. Christian Stordahl
    | Reply

    With so many obstacles it is difficult to pick the biggest, especially when they are all in the same category of sinful, selfish wrestling with my flesh!! But I also homeschool with a pretty sizable helping of guilt on my plate, guilt over all the things I don’t do and guilt over all the things that I do imperfectly.

  14. Christian Stordahl
    | Reply

    And I posted on FB!

  15. Patty
    | Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this. I have enjoyed listening to the Read Aloud Revival Podcast, They have been wonderful, and I am sure that these will be as well.

    My biggest obstacle might be getting a late start.


  16. Lisa A
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is comparison. And not even comparing my children or myself to real people that we know, but comparing to some ideal that I have concocted that does not take into account who we really are. So I’m trying to learn (oh so slowly) how to live with what is here, in front of me, and being thankful for God’s plan and the grave to live it, instead of being upset that what’s here doesn’t match what I think ought to be in front of me.

  17. Andrea
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle to peace and calm is my own desire for things to go my way. (AKA selfishness) When I stay focused on God and what brings Him glory–there is a peace and calm that settles in and blesses us all.

  18. Andrea
    | Reply

    I told my friends on FB too!

  19. Tami
    | Reply

    My biggest obstacle is probably finding a routine of some kind (including our time in the Word, getting an earlier start, staying motivated, just to name a few). Wouldn’t it be nice if our plans went as well in real life as they did when they played out in our minds? Hee! :)
    Thanks for the entry.

  20. Jenny B
    | Reply

    The 3 almost-4 year old! :)

  21. Jenny B
    | Reply

    I shared this post on FB, too!

  22. Valerie
    | Reply

    The obstacles have so many names, but yes, the singular one comes down to selfishness. Mama wants to be happy and have everything done when I say, and my way, and if it was, well wouldn’t everyone be happy? It makes sense on paper, but it doesn’t work out in real life. I wouldn’t need to grow any of the fruits of the spirit if it all went my way, and all people in my home conformed to my every desire.

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