2015-2016 School Year Overview

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Aw yeah.

It’s that marvelous time of the year where we get to talk Homeschool Planning.

When all the papers are crisp, the plans are neat, and the energy is renewed after a week at the beach.

This will be the year of consistency, of health, of clean houses, too, while we’re at it. Everything will be great and magic and wonderful this year.



Yeah, this will be our eighth year of homeschooling and I’m seeing a pattern. This year will be a lot like last year, actually. There will be areas we work hard in and see some improvement – not only in academic areas, but in how we apply ourselves (myself as much as anyone).

But let’s forget about that for a moment and just look at the grand and glorious Plans.

This will be the overview, big picture post, and the followups will be more on particulars.

This year our students will be
  • 12-year-old, 7th grade boy
  • 10-year-old, 5th grade boy
  • 7/8-year-old, 2nd grade girl
  • 5/6-year-old, K-1st boy
  • 2/3-year-old, toddler girl
Our days will be made up of these blocks:
  • Morning Convocation (previously called Circle Time)
  • Independent Work (7th & 5th only)
  • Tutoring Time (plus extra one-on-one “Colloquy” time with oldest)
  • Elementary Lessons (mini-co-op with my friend twice a week)
  • Electives
  • Quiet Time

New This Year

  • Grammar of Poetry & Art of Argument
  • More narration
  • Independent Bible study
  • More audio books (we were light on audio books last year because I didn’t have my act together)
  • More drawing
  • Book of Centuries & reading journal (i.e. commonplace book) (7th grade)
  • Individual math tutoring instead of a group math block
  • Map blobbing
  • New strategies for student organization
  • Writing tied to history & science rather than being a separate subject

Content We’ll Study This Year

Plus, of course, seeing as this is a fresh and bright new school year, I will also keep the house clean and tidy every day, keep consistent records of homeschooling, update the whiteboard every morning, and cross off every item on my to-do list every day. This year, the children will never argue and will always hold their pencils correctly. What? That’s why I burn out after the first week? My expectations are a little out of whack? Ayup. That would do it.

Though there will still be messes made, confessions made, mistakes made, disasters made, misunderstandings made, yet we will continue, because it really is a good life, lived together, this homeschool journey.

Homeschool Planning 2015-2016 Series

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6 Responses

  1. Amanda
    | Reply

    I love your faux optimism aboyt the perfect year! Looking forward to reading the rest of series.

  2. a. borealis
    | Reply

    I’m loving the uber-over-the-top-faux optimism too! It helps me remember that this life I lead is normal. I’m a few years behind you in the game, so it is so great to be able compare notes, as it were, to see that this journey I am on is comparable to others. Thanks for posting this.

    And you’ll like this . . . we are doing “Kid Chore Boot Camp” this week. I’m calling all my guys “Sargent ______” and having them do jumping jacks before we attack our new-ish daily chore list to get ’em in the mood. They pretend they don’t like it, but they are totally eating it up.

    • Rhiannon
      | Reply

      Haha, what a fun idea, I may have to try that!

  3. Heather
    | Reply

    Can’t wait to see your schedule! :)

  4. Lena
    | Reply

    I love fresh new perfect plans. That burst of energy with 22 new school year resolutions in tow! You can call it unrealistic or you can call it making hay while the sun shines. Institute everything while the inspiration is there! Usually something sticks.

  5. Jennifer
    | Reply

    I’m right there with you! Mine are 12, 9, will be: 7, 5, 3 and baby twins. Trying to keep changes to a dull roar. Together time is my planning masterpiece for the year :).

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