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My six-week menu plan is going well so far. Making use of leftovers has helped stretch not only the menu but also my time in the kitchen.

My six-week menu plan is going well so far. In the end I might have a few meals left over, even. Last Saturday instead of having the planned dinner, we were able to have Friday leftovers and one night I had enough soup leftover to package up and freeze.

I also didn’t plan any frittata dinner nights, holding that one in my back pocket as a quick and simple Plan B dinner in case I don’t soak the beans or thaw the meat or start dinner in time.

My six-week menu plan is going well so far. Making use of leftovers has helped stretch not only the menu but also my time in the kitchen.

With the menu plan already on the calendar for weeks in advance, the thing I must remember is to actually look at it! A list does us no good if we don’t look at it. I’m trying to be better about looking at my calendar and my menu plan first thing in the morning and also in the evening.

Breakfasts This Week

  • Monday: Sunday leftover cinnamon rolls with scrambled eggs
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: German pancakes
  • Wednesdays & Fridays: simple homemade granola with milk
  • Saturday: Daddy-made pancakes
  • Sunday: whole wheat cinnamon rolls (made on Saturday)

Lunches This Week

  • Monday: microwave chips & cheese, apples
  • Tuesday: quick artisan bread, cheese, fruit & veggies
  • Wednesday: leftover bread from Tuesday, cheese slices, salami, fruit & veggies
  • Thursday: rice with carrots & peas, topped with butter
  • Friday: leftover homemade pizza from Thursday’s dinner

Dinners This Week

  •  Monday: ham in the crockpot, cheesy toasts, glazed carrots
  • Tuesday: skillet chicken (probably the lime version), roasted potatoes, roasted frozen broccoli
  • Wednesday: split pea soup in the crockpot with the ham bone from Monday, bread, salad
  • Thursday: homemade pizza (pizza on zucchini planks for me)
  • Friday: fried rice with leftover chicken
  • Saturday: baked potato bar

Make dinner simple, with or without a menu plan. Check out Simplified Dinners!

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  1. Annie
    | Reply

    How do you work breakfast and lunch menus into your plan? Do you add to the master grocery list for certain items? Make extra dinner to use leftovers? Thanks in advance..

  2. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Thank you for this post.

    SO I have to revisit my menu plan. I have been using Simplified Dinner for 3-4 months now. It takes so much stress out of dinner time. Thank you.

    The problem, I am facing now, is trying to add enough meat. The men in the house are protesting. I am trying to use less meat because it makes the budget happy, but it is making the men unhappy.

    Do you have tips or ideas about making meals seem like there is more meat or having them more hearty without using 2 lbs of meat per night?

    Maybe you have already written about this. Any help would be great.

  3. Kemi
    | Reply

    I love Simplified Dinners. I call them dinner templates. You make it so easy to come up with great meals. Thank you for that resource. The idea of six weeks of dinner planned is enticing. I will have to read your post on that.

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