A week at the beach

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After wrapping up our school year with testing and poetry at the park, we took a full week to vacation on the Oregon coast at Pacific City.



~Pretty View ~

This was the view from the house we stayed in at the beach with friends for a whole week. Even when we weren’t on the beach, we could still watch the waves. We were one row back from the beach, with access just a few houses down, so it was the perfect set up.

Just as a note if any of you are considering house plans right now: lofts full of children make the living room very loud.



~ Happy Beach Play ~

The Oregon coast is cold, but we still like the water and the sand.




~ Fun Education ~

And we can count this as school and not vacation, because my husband took the boys to the McMinnville Air and Space Museum about an hour away. They spent all day there, and I preferred being on the beach with small children to all going together!




~ Real High ~

Pacific City has a giant sand dune, and so we had to hike up it, see the view, and then run down.

I almost gave up about 2/3 up, but I was glad I didn’t when the view on the other side took my breath away.


It was worth it, but I didn’t climb up again.

The climb surely justified the chocolate I had that night, too, right?

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    That air and space museum looks great! Though I’d have to agree with you on staying at the beach with the little ones – much more practical!
    The view from your beach house is beautiful! Must have been great to wake up to each morning.

  2. Diana
    | Reply

    That view IS stunning…wow! Your beach is quite different than our Lake MI view. ;) And always yes to chocolate!!!

  3. I love Pacific City- I miss it so much

  4. Amber
    | Reply

    That looks like an absolutely gorgeous place! My kids – well, my boys in particular – would have loved that museum. We were able to go to a great one in Palm Springs last year and they still talk about it.

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