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Our milestone this week was that Hans – age 12, the oldest – passed Math-U-See Prealgebra’s final test and began Math-U-See Algebra 1!

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And this week a certain little 2-year-old became a 3-year-old!

This is seriously such a cute and fun stage.

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round button chicken

Butternut Squash Week!

A neighbor of mine grew a butternut squash jungle this season and is giving generously of her bounty. I’m happy to accept it. I love butternut!

Did you know that you can substitute pureed butternut squash for pumpkin puree?

Making puree and blended soups is so easy with an immersion blender. It’s my favorite kitchen tool this time of year!

~ 4 ~

So I was browsing my Amazon affiliate report, which is always kinda fun. I’ve learned of the existence of so many things by clicking through on what people buy. :)

Check this out:

Stickers for Legos. Brilliant. There are medieval ones, too.

These are being added to my Christmas gift idea list, for sure! They’d be a great thing to keep on hand for boy birthday parties, too, I think.

P.S. Thank you for shopping at Amazon by clicking through my links!

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This week I figured out how to record Periscopes with the comments and hearts and everything and upload them to YouTube. So if you want to watch my videos but don’t want to get onto Periscope, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel instead. :)

~ 6 ~

This week’s Q&A is about Evernote!


I started using Evernote because of you, but I have a question: right now I keep all of my schedules and documents (poetry, ebooks, maps, etc.) that I make and get from the internet in files on my computer. Do you keep ALL of that in Evernote?

I do save lots of files outside of Evernote. Documents I create on my Macbook are saved in the iCloud drive so I can pull them up elsewhere easily. Our photos are on a computer that is automatically backed up. Other files I try to save into Dropbox instead of a hard drive because then it’s backed up and I can access it from anywhere.

I think of Evernote like my filing cabinet. If it’s something that I would print and file if I were a paper person, it goes into Evernote.

~ 7 ~

Here’s another fun new freebie for you! Tracy Grossmann’s new books, Simplified Lunches and Simplified Breakfasts are going to be released next week, and so she’s made her menu plan template available. Now we have the menu plan template I created and also another option – check out which one might help you the most!

You can find that download in this post: You need to plan ALL THE MEALS.

Don’t cry. It’s true. We’re here to help. :)

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