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Well, our full fall schedule is in full swing and my inbox is showing it. So much to stay on top of! These last couple weeks our school routine has been top priority, so blog updates fell to the wayside. On top of that, I had a terrible head cold last week that made me feel like I was falling even more behind, but now that it’s clear so is my perception of the situation. Funny how that works.

But I have so many things to update you with! I’ll try to limit myself to the standard 7.

~ 1 ~

My master homeschool checklist for the week looks pretty solid.

So that’s a relief.

We’re reading good books, including more narration. That feels good. I’ve had two children move up to the next level of math – this is, after all, our 10th week of school and they ended last year 3/4 of the way through. One of the perks of not caring where you are in your math book when you end or begin the year is that you get the injection of a small win – moving up a level – in the midst of hum drum school weeks.

Actually, I love it when we finish math books at random parts of the year because it’s another infusion of newness that sparks joy. It also is a definite sign to the student that they are making progress, and sometimes they need that assurance more on the 10th-week-in than the 1st.

I know we all love to swap logistics ideas, so in October I’ll be focusing on practical homeschooling and keeping-up-the-house posts. I’m working on a post about our weekly time budget for Monday.

My current strategy for the “keeping up the house” schtick? Have other people into your house every single day of the week! Yikes!

~ 2 ~

Speaking of homeschool nitty-gritty talk, Brandy and I are going to be doing some of that in a free live workshop October 9th!

We’re planning to fuse her “Do the Work of Homeschooling” post and my Work the Plan content into a fun conversation – and you can join us in the chat box. We’re calling it “Work Your Homeschool Plan“. Sign up if you’re interested! There’ll be a replay link after the fact, also.


~ 3 ~

And speaking of Brandy, after at least 8 years of online friendship, we finally met in person last weekend at the Northwest Charlotte Mason Educator’s Conference!

It was lovely. I’ve never been to a homeschool conference before, but this one was more of a retreat than a conference – there were no curriculum hall or vendor tables – and I loved it!

I traveled there and back with two good friends and spent the weekend with 60 other engaged, intentional homeschool moms, several of whom I’ve interacted with online. It was a lot of fun.

Of course the highlight was staying up until 1am Saturday night with Brandy. We have got to do that again sometime.

~ 4 ~

October means 31 Days series. This is the first year in several that I have not done one, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hack it this year. There are a few I am following however:

~ 5 ~

The Scholé Sisters newsletter will be sent out this afternoon. If you’d like to receive a concentrated dose of encouragement to stay the course and homeschool from a state of rest, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the list. You can sign up here.

~ 6 ~

Between the cold, being out of town, and actually doing the homeschooling, I haven’t been on Periscope much. However, I did hop on Tuesday to talk about “rolling with the punches” and persevering when plans get off track – because that’s what they do.

Work the Plan enrollment is closed until January 1, but you can still see one sample video there and get on the list to be notified when it’s available again.

~ 7 ~

~ Free reads in our home this week ~

You know how I said I let my oldest off the hook for reading Ben Hur because he thought it was boring? First we tried the audio version instead of the book, but still it wasn’t speaking to him and he was stalled out on any reading. So I cut him loose without fuss or guilt.

Now my second-born grabbed that ipod with Ben Hur on audio and is halfway through, talking about how much he likes it. I’m not sure if there’s some element of simple contrariness in there, but it’s amusing either way.

And my own free read:

This has been a great book to end the day with. Last time I tried Goudge I didn’t like her, but I am glad I gave her another shot. I feel like apologizing to her and saying, “It was me, not you.”

I’m also reading Sarah’s new version of Teaching from Rest and plan on writing a review on Wednesday! Hint: I love it.

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  1. Kortney
    | Reply

    Thanks for the link, sweetie!

  2. dawn
    | Reply

    Yes, thank you friend! I imagine you’ll find helpful ideas fit for any busy family <3

  3. Kirsten D.
    | Reply

    Mystie, I hope we can meet in person someday — working through Simplified Organization and reading your posts, I often laugh out loud at some of our small similarities. Your favorite pen link solved my frustrations with pens; it struck me one day that one reason I just love browsing Simplified Organization is the purple and green background (favorite colors since I knew their names); and alliteration? Yes! We got an invite recently to “F—‘s Fall Party” from friends, and it keeps bugging me that they do the same party every year and never change it to “F—‘s Fall Frolic/Fete/Festivity” just to have it alliterated. :)

    Thanks for a smile. :)

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