Do you need a kindle for Audible whispersync deals?

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I’d like to start a new little feature I’m calling Saturday Q&A. I receive questions by email or social media all the time, and rather than stay in my email inbox, I thought I’d take the opportunity to turn them into posts. At the bottom of the post you’ll find a contact form where you can submit your question to be answered in a future article!

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I get this question a lot, so it seemed like a natural one to start with:

I just read this page on your website: How To Get Up To 15 Audible Audiobooks for $4 or less. My question for you, if you have a moment to respond, is to do with Whispersync. Do you have to have a Kindle? or can you just purchase the Kindle version of a book, and then get the audio version to your iTunes and have a book to listen to? We don’t have Kindles, but I would love the audio versions of the books into our iTunes, and then pop them on my iPod Classic to listen to in the truck, or just on the computer.

Yes! You can buy the kindle books on Amazon without a kindle. They will go into a digital library on your Amazon account for when/if you do get a kindle or download the kindle app on your computer or another device. But a kindle device isn’t required.

So you can just click the “buy” button on the free kindle books and ignore all the delivery part and simply click right over to getting the free or cheap Audible version.

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