Free Homemaking Mini-Course

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The Ultimate Bundle people have put together a free mini-course on working through 4 essential home systems.

For each of the four steps, there is a short video done by Erin Odom and a special guest as well as a worksheet to help you figure out the best way to apply the ideas to your own situation.

The first video is about laundry, and I thought they had some good thoughts. It’s always interesting to me to see how other people set up their routines and what recommendations others make. I suppose it’s the never-ending search for the magic bullet that will make it no longer work. :)

It’s a very well-produced little course. Check it out.

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  1. Fittsy

    I too am always on the hunt for the laundry cure-all and tweaking in hopes that my newest laundry method discovery will be the method that works. I took her advice to complete a cycle (wash-dry-fold-away), and tweaked it. Loads that come out of the dryer have to be dealt with immediately, as a opposed to accumulating in baskets for some unknown time of folding. And right now, there’s a load in the dryer but all the baskets are put away! It’s a good start, I’d say! (Though I’ve tried enough New Methods to know that inertia sets in with them too! But the refining and tweaking is helpful.)