Homemade food, week after week

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

Another week, another 21 meals prepared, served, and cleaned up. Not too shabby when you look at a week that way, now, is it?



~Pretty Pleased ~

These are my kitchen helpers, growing up fast, and now pleased to be the ones in charge of dinner some days.

With Simplified Dinners for New Cooks, they can get dinner on the table all by themselves, start to finish, and everyone is pleased, indeed!



bone broth

~ Happy Bones ~

In November I bought 3 turkeys when they were super cheap. I finally cooked the last one last week and so bone broth has been constantly simmering. I simply put the bones in the crockpot and cook it on low overnight or all day long, and have found that a turkey carcass can make excellent broth for 4 or more batches!

Homemade bone broth is like homegrown vine-ripened tomatoes, whereas canned or boxed broth is the equivalent of winter hydroponic tomatoes picked green and sent to sit on the grocery shelves too soon. The difference in flavor between the two types is so stark it makes you wonder if they should really be called by the same name.



~ Funny Beverage ~

It’s kinda crazy, but my afternoon refreshment drink is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar “with the mother” in ice water.

Knocks out viruses and, chugged down quickly, seems to clear out my head of brain-fog rather nicely.


~ Real Self-Help ~

homemade yogurt

It’s granola season! I have my super-simple homemade granola recipe, and I also make our yogurt. We go through 24-32 ounces of yogurt each morning, and that gets pricey with the store-bought stuff! Plus, I read that homemade yogurt has more probiotics anyway. Sometime I’ll post my process.

homemade yogurt

But for now, I thought I’d share what happens when you let the young ones get their own food. It fosters independence – and more messes. But more messes means more practice cleaning up after themselves.

So, someday they’ll be able to clean up after themselves without prompting, right? Please tell me I’m right. Someday.

homemade yogurt

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  1. Laura
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    My sister makes her own yogurt too and she always raves about how good it is but I have yet to try it. I do make my own granola though – so much healthier than the packaged stuff!
    So true about kids helping in the kitchen – so much messier but so good for them!

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