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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

I looked over the photos I have taken in the last week and realized I pretty much only have pictures of dinners. I joined Instagram awhile back and seem mostly compelled to share real life food scenes. So, please bear with the Instagram shots and follow me there if you end up wanting more.



~ Pretty Salad ~

This was Wednesday’s dinner, paired with chicken. It is whole wheat spaghetti and a whole bunch of julienned veggies with an Asian-inspired dressing. I served it cold and the chicken hot from the crockpot. It was a new “orange chicken in the crockpot” recipe I saw on Pinterest, but the chicken wasn’t that great.

I loved the salad, but I’ll have to make some adjustments to get the rest of the family on board. It’d make a great summer dinner with chicken mixed into it. With the mandoline my husband gave me for my birthday, slicing the veggies tiny was quick work.

Asian flavors are rarely a hit with anyone else in the house, but it seems like the natural thing to top julienned veggies. Any other flavor ideas you’d try instead of sesame, soy, ginger, and white wine vinegar?


homeschooling lunches

~ Happy Lunch ~

A couple weeks ago I had a few extra kids over for the morning and afternoon, and so needed to feed 8 children lunch. I chose cheesy steak fries as a kid-pleaser and, served with ketchup, it met universal approval.

I made two pan-fulls, and this was all I had left in the end. And then, uh, I actually ate quite a few myself, even though I am trying to avoid much starch.

Happy #2


~ Happy Helper ~

For Good Friday I made a lamb stew and unleavened bread (aka tortillas), something I’ve been thinking about doing for years but had never made a reality until this year.

Geneva pinched flour and patted it out and rolled the counter and generally covered herself in a fine layer of flour-dust.



~ Funny Inspiration ~

Monday I took all the kids to the dentist, and in the waiting room we watched an hour and a half of Food Network. In one show, the bleached and tattooed chef was enthusing over lamb burgers served in pitas with feta cheese sauce. Pitas. It’s been a really long time since I’d made pitas. They aren’t that big of a deal if you’re used to making bread, which I am.

Lamb burgers were not going to be on the menu, but what else could I put in a pita? Um, hello. How about the 3 dozen hard boiled eggs in my fridge from Easter-egg dying with Nana?!

So, whole-wheat pitas (I just used my pizza dough recipe – it’s the extra hot oven that makes them puff) were a vehicle for egg salad and the egg salad was a vehicle for bits-and-pieces of leftovers: a few strips of bacon, 4 mushrooms, and even a couple spoons of feta.


Too bad it only used up half my hard-boiled eggs.


easy homeschool dinners

~ Real Efficiency ~

Tuesday was the type of school day that finally wrapped up at 4pm, with panting and gasping for breath. We got all our work done, and the kids had breaks, but because I was rotating through lessons with various groupings of children, I had a lunch break but not much more. I definitely could have used another coffee break in there somewhere.

It was the sort of day that at 3pm I began wishing it had been a crockpot dinner day. But it wasn’t, and it was nearly 5, and what was I going to do now?

Here’s what I did: In a 375-degree oven, boneless chicken (still half-frozen: very real) brushed with barbecue sauce on a baking tray, fresh broccoli with Parmesan cheese on a baking tray, and brown rice in a 9×13 casserole dish. The rice went in first, then the chicken, and when the chicken looked nearly done, I popped the broccoli in. Dinner was ready by 6 and it was a complete meal without feeling like a lot of work.

It’s a meal combo I’ll definitely be keeping in my back pocket.


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