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For several months, I’ve been writing a series on homeschooling with Evernote, and so that means the questions are rolling in. This week I received another Evernote question and I thought it’d be better to answer it as a post for everyone rather than in each email that comes in asking the same thing. :)


Michelle recently emailed me with some Evernote questions:

I have been reading, and rereading, your posts on using Evernote for homeschooling. I’ve been trying to use Evernote for the past year or so off and on for homeschooling with little success. […] In looking through your free guide and blog posts, I’m getting a better idea of how to organize things, but still getting hung up. For instance, you mention having a stack called School Year 2015. I’m assuming you use this for planning and lesson plans. Once you are done with a year, do you move all that into the Homeschool Records stack? And do you do that based on child?

I broke up her questions and tackle the homeschooling-related one here and the organization-related one at Simplified Organization today: How do you organize Evernote?

I’ll start with a snapshot of my Evernote:


So I organize my notes and notebooks into stacks based on my vocations, plus one for household records and one for homeschool records.

In the vocation stacks are current projects, notes, and reference that I am likely to want to refer to. In the records stacks are notes that are basically stored in long-term storage – I probably won’t need them, but they’re there if I do.


As I demonstrated in this post on record-keeping with Evernote, I merge my notes at the end of the school year and move them from my “educator” stack over to the records stack. That’s it!

Now, whether or not this is adequate for you will depend on your situation. How you organize the notes after the school year is over depends on what you might need them for. We live in a low-regulation state, so I’m not anticipating ever actually needing any of the records except maybe for copying plans for a younger child. Unless something goes wrong, I won’t need to provide documentation. So I don’t tag or file by child, but simply by year.

However, it would be very simple to simply add a tag with a child’s name on each note that contains sample work from or records of that child.

When I scan sample work done by a child, I use that child’s name and the date as the name of the note. At the end of the year, all of the work samples from that child can be merged into one document and filed in the year notebook. You could, just as easily, merge the notes and file them in a notebook for the child, with the year being the name of the note instead. And, the great thing about Evernote: it’s easy to rearrange and rename things as you tweak your system to work for your own needs!

Just jump on it, start using it, and don’t be afraid to move and merge and rename as you grow comfortable with the program and familiar with your requirements.

If you have any further questions, just let me know!

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