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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

Instagram photos again this week! It’s so much easier and simpler to pull out and snap a candid shot with my iPod Touch rather than have the camera handy (and then the cord to get the photos off the camera).  



~Pretty Heels ~

This stylin’ little mama came strolling her baby through the kitchen the other day. She loves the click-click-click of my heels.



~ Happy Circle Time ~

We love Circle Time. It is the together time, the praying together time, the Scripture together time of our day. You’ll be doing a Circle Time, Morning Time, for your homeschool next year, right?




~ Funny Clutter ~

Because it’s better to laugh than cry.

Your home is a tool. Let it be used.

Remember my day-in-the-life-of-our-counter? Yeah. It’s been awhile since it’s been cleared like that. Maybe I should do another one so I have the motivation to get it all put away again.



~ Real Art ~

Hans finished his math early the other morning, grabbed a library early reader nearby and started copying one of the illustrations. Isn’t it good??

Providing art books and time – not lesson plans or direct instruction (which I couldn’t give anyway) – has worked for us so far.

Another week nearing an end, another week closer to the end of the school year. Who else is ready?

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  1. Dawn
    | Reply

    Mr Putter and Tabby! I recognized it right away. Yes, indeed, a job well done:).

  2. Rosie
    | Reply

    Last time I tried doing circle time regularly, it was NOT a success – twin 2yos running amok, baby needing to nurse, 5yo insisting on doing his own thing, and 4yo not understanding why nobody else will sit still with her! We’ll try again eventually, but I’m not sure it’s our season of life to try again quite yet ;)

  3. Amber
    | Reply

    Mr. Putter and Tabby! We love those books. Very nicely done illustration too – your son did a great job with the details.

    I’m looking coward to the day when we can make it through morning time without someone having a time out… Someday, right?? But still, on the whole, it is good and none of us can imagine not doing it.

    • Amber
      | Reply

      Err… Forward to… Darn autocorrect!

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