Latin winners, funny fridges, two-year-olds, and books

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

And we have Headventure Land membership winners!

Cathy S. and Crystal B. have won year-long access to Classical Academic Press’ Headventure Land review games and videos!


I had a great time writing a Latin-themed week. In “How We Homeschool Latin” I wrote about how we take our time through the material so we know it rather than simply pass through the workbooks, and I also wrote about the “Free Latin Translation Worksheet” I made that we’ve been using for the last year. Karen Glass even came over to carry on the conversation about whether or not we should do Latin in the comments of “What Is the Point of Learning Latin?.”

Thank you to Classical Academic Press for making the giveaway available. The discount code SISTERS20 is still valid through March 31st for 20% off, so take advantage of that and get your school materials purchased early – I did! I ordered Latin for Children Primer C for Hans for next year and also Art of Argument and Argument Builder for our 7th grade Logic program.

round button chicken

And now on to the funny real life homeschooling days that have been happening around these parts lately!

And remember you can find more pretty, happy, funny, real posts at Like Mother, Like Daughter, a blog you all should be reading if you read blogs at all.



~Pretty Girl ~

I love having a two-year-old. I seriously do. They are such little people and I love them.


All the time.



~ Happy Book Piles ~

I am officially in Spring planning craze. It’s later this year than usual, but it came over me at last. I would love to just scrap this year and live in perpetual planning mode for next year.

And I’m sure it will seem like perpetual planning mode once summer arrives, because Hans and Jaeger will be in separate studies more and Ilse will need more real lessons as a second-grader. Then, of course, there’s an overly-bright and reading five-year-old, as well as a two-year-old to factor into the plan. So it will take some work to make sure everyone is adequately attended to.

Here are some of the books I’ve already ordered for next year:


I’m using the Plan Your Year planning kit to help guide my homeschool plan brainstorming – of course.


We bought a new fridge and moved our old one out to the garage. I love having the extra room! And this is a pretty fridge, all stainless steel and matching. But, it’s budget-nature is evident in more than the fact that it’s not stainless all the way around and magnets still stick to the front.



~ Funny Fridge ~

It’s a good thing I find this hilarious or I might just go insane on the hundredth time I open my fridge and encounter it once again.

I might eventually start looking into how to erase the lettering, but for now I just smirk and nod and promise to savor my groceries.



~ Real Portable Office ~

We are remodeling the basement and my husband is building in desks and bookshelves, but one of the consequences of this upheaval is that I no longer have any desk drawers. So I redid my teacher tote into a portable office supply bin. I cut out the stuff in the drawer that I don’t actually use and consolidated what I do use.

Here’s what made the cut:

And tomorrow Daddy is doing homeschool duty with the kids while a friend and I are headed out for the day to hear the lovely Femina ladies spur us on to love and good works at the Grace Agenda pre-conference for women. We’ll just made a day trip of it, but four hours total in the car for uninterrupted conversation is all part of the grand day out. Anyone of you planning on being there?

8 Responses

  1. Aimee
    | Reply

    I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one who loves the process of planning the school year so much!!

  2. Audrey
    | Reply

    The fridge is so funny. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SarahD
    | Reply

    Get out! We’re remodeling our office too. Husband made a lovely bookshelf for it (I was just admiring it as I was dusting it) and is working on the desks presently. :-P

    Gotta love a handy husband, yes?
    Don’t enjoy the upheaval, though.

    Thanks, BTW! ;-)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Woohoo! I wish I could see pictures. :) I’ll post pictures of my husband’s handiwork after he’s done, for sure. I am so thrilled with the extra bookshelves!

      I try to remind myself that the upheaval doesn’t last long in the scheme of things – in, say, a year, I won’t remember the upheaval part and I’ll just be enjoying all the extra desk and shelf space. :)

      • SarahD
        | Reply

        That’s a good reminder. We have a few large projects looming in the next couple of years (my bedroom and the kitchen being two of them) and I begin to tremble at the thought of them. I have to look past and remember that I will get through it and just be able to enjoy them in due time.

  4. Kathy Weitz
    | Reply

    We are just finishing up Ancients this year…really and truly my favorite (although I think I say that about whatever we are studying at the time – it’s like trying to pick my favorite book in the Chronicles of Narnia…). If you need any other suggestions, check the bookstore for 2014-15 on our co-op website:

    Have you seen the Dorothy Mills books on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome? I adore those.


  5. sarah
    | Reply

    just discovering your blog! lovely! would love to know more about your teacher tote – this looks like a workhorse.

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