Which is better? Paper or digital planning?

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It’s a trick question, of course.

The one that is better is the one that you will use.

But so much of the time, we don’t know which we will use more, which we will love more, which we will not let sit ignored on the counter while we continue functioning by keeping too much rolling around in our heads.

You know I like digital planning. After all, I wrote Paperless Home Organization.

But for the last year I’ve used a hybrid method of planning that involves both paper and digital. This has worked very well for me, and I’d love to brainstorm with you a unique set up that will appeal to you, work for you, and make life run more smoothly for you.

After all, who doesn’t love to talk all things planners and organization, especially in September as we get off to new schedules in the fall.

So I hope you’ll join me for a free webinar
at Simplified Organization
on Thursday, September 3rd
at 1:30pm Pacific (4:30pm Eastern)

Register to receive the access link and the replay link.


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During this webinar we’ll talk about

  • the advantages and disadvantages of paper planners
  • the advantages and disadvantages of digital apps
  • different ways to use paper for planning purposes
  • different apps that work well for moms at home
  • how you can combine paper and digital into a hybrid form that will work for you
  • the habits that we must learn to make any planning system work

I hope you’ll join me. There will be a chatbox, and I’ll be taking your questions and we’ll all be sharing what we’ve found does and does not work. It’ll be a load of fun!

Enter your email and hit “register” in order to receive the webinar link on September 3rd. Everyone who registers will also receive the replay link within 24 hours of the end of the webinar.

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