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Thank you so much to those who were able to be part of the live Paper v. Digital Planning Methods webinar and who kept the conversation flowing! It was fun to read back over the whole chat box log after the webinar!

It’s funny, but as I was putting together the paper planning track of Work the Plan, watching all sorts of Bullet Journal videos on YouTube, I was almost ready to jump ship off my task management app and set up my own bullet journal.

Now I’m wrapping up the digital planning track and as I was revisiting an app that I used before I went to my current hybrid method – HomeRoutines – I started considering scrapping my clipboard and returning to all-digital again!

If you watched the webinar, did you make any changes?

So, I’m going to answer some more questions I received in the chat that I didn’t get to and at the end share some new resources I created!

First, questions!

Do you have a checklist for your weekly planning day?

I did use a checklist for my weekly review until it became a familiar enough practice that I didn’t need it any more. I tried to keep it simple enough that it would be something I could learn and remember and do without resorting to a checklist, and I did get to that point.

I wrote about the process with steps in this blog post: Why Moms Need a Weekly Review

And, of course, a thorough discussion of the weekly review practice is included in Work the Plan. The weekly review truly is the secret weapon to keeping your plans up-to-date and useful in the day-to-day.

How do you organize your information in Evernote so you can find it again?

The greatest thing about Evernote is that it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for! The search feature in Evernote is awesome, so even though I do organize my Evernote (and how I do so is one of the videos within Work the Plan) I usually simply type in what I’m looking for up in the search bar and it pulls it up.

I talked about this quite a bit in my ‘scope I did about Evernote last week. Here’s the replay:

Is there an app that will pull info from various places? eg. from google calendar, to do list, maybe local weather, fly lady, etc etc, and show it all on one screen at the same time?

There used to be a Google homepage that did this, but I had not heard of a replacement until one lady who was with us on the webinar sent me an email to say she found something to fit the bill!

iChrome is a Chrome extension that will grab webpages and put them onto widgets on your Chrome homepage.

Thank you, Katie!

I would love an in-depth tutorial of Google Calendar. I really want it to work.

You’re in luck! I already made one of those!

Is Work the Plan included in the Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done course?

For Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done members, Work the Plan will be like an additional module add-on. There is some duplicate information in the two courses, so current members will receive a special discount by email when Work the Plan releases.


But Work the Plan stands on its own, as well. For those who don’t need to start from scratch or recover from chaos and overwhelm, Work the Plan will cut right to the best practices to keep plans and systems useful without being just another thing to manage.

Extra Bonuses

I made a fun quiz so you can see if you’d be better off as a paper or a digital planner! Too much fun.

Also, I made a summary pdf of what I covered in the webinar. If you want to straight scoop and handy links without watching the video or skimming the chat box, then that’s what you’ll find in the bonus cheat sheet now available with the workshop.

If you watched the webinar, did you make any changes?

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  1. beth
    | Reply

    Yes! I am now considering using an app for the daily routines and basic chore lists. I cannot decide between Tody (basically the loop method) and Home Routines. And suggestions????

  2. Aimee
    | Reply

    We use outlook on our main computer for email. I decided to try using the calendar on there. I am usually the person who opens it in the morning, which will give me a chance to check the calendar first thing in the day. Someone is often on the computer checking email or using the internet, so either myself or someone should see the reminders that pop up thru out the day. So I guess your webinar encouraged me to try using the digital planning that was already easily available to me!

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