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It’s been a decent week of school, but I think we are all ready for the upcoming break! We’ll be taking all of Thanksgiving week off, and then do only light schooling in December. It’s hard to believe half our school year (we began in July) is nearly over!

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round button chicken

I have tried muffin recipe after muffin recipe over the years and never found one that was a flexible enough base to handle whatever variations I wanted to try. Until, that is, Tracy sent me her first draft of Simplified Breakfasts. The very first thing I tried was her muffin recipe and I adore it! The proportions are easy to memorize so I don’t even have to look at it any more, and it’s flexible enough that I can create my own variations based on what I have on hand. My kids’ favorite variation, though, is Tracy’s: oatmeal raisin. Basic, easy, delicious. It makes a perfect breakfast because it’s a bread-muffin, not a cake-muffin, and it’s delicious even with whole-wheat flour.

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Jennifer Dow has released her course on how to teach classically. She’s been working on this for so long and I’m so excited that it’s finally released. I’ve just started the first lesson, and there’s a lot to chew on.

If you like Andrew Kern, and you want to dig deep into the tradition of education and learn how to put it into practice, this course is for you.

If, however, you feel like you need more of an introductory pick-me-up, start with Brandy’s just-released audio: Start Here. Whereas her book is a discussion of each of Charlotte Mason’s 20 principles, this audio is an overview of the big picture and how they all work as a synergistic whole.

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Ok, this is getting a little out of hand. We did the seasonal clothing switcheroo and my second son is happy because he has a pile of new pants. At the end of the season last winter, I had to move my oldest up into 12s. He hardly wore them before shorts season arrived. Time to pull the jeans out again, and I did have one pair of 14s.

And they are too short!

People. I am going to have to buy my 12-year-old son jeans in the men’s department next time we go shopping.

I mean, this summer I already bought him new t-shirts in size men’s XS. But jeans in the men’s department – ack!

He is 5’4 1/2 – and I am 5’5″.

This summer I had a dream where Hans was still 12 and something like 6’5″ and I looked up at him and said, “Ok, time for your math.” I told him that dream because I knew he’d get a kick out of it.

Now he tells me my dreams are coming true.

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MacKenzie’s podcast is now live! She released the episode I recorded with her as part of her launch and I laughed out loud when I heard her introduction where she says I “dropped serious truth bombs.”

I’m not exactly sure what I said that qualified as explosive, but maybe you can listen and let me know.

In other podcast-related news, Pam and I are trying something new Saturday (tomorrow!): live-recording a podcast on Blab! It’s a Q&A episode for Your Morning Basket, and if you want to watch us record and ask your questions live, please join us!

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On Periscope this week:

Mentioned in the ‘scope:

Do check out the bread instructions if you’d ever had difficulty with bread. Give it one more shot. Allison Burr wrote me this after trying it out herself:

Please tell Tracy that I made her basic bread ‘guide’ this afternoon (actually I made them into rolls) and they were FABULOUS! Seriously, the biggest hit we’ve had in terms of homemade bread in quite some time. Thank you!!

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…And, chalk up another reason why I love Evernote. I keep my lesson plans in Evernote, and so when it’s time for Plutarch on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, I tap the search icon and before I’ve done anything else, Evernote suggests that perhaps the Plutarch lesson is what I was going to be searching for? It is that time of the week, after all. And I say, “Why, yes, Evernote, thank you very much.” <3

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    My brother reached his goal of being 6′ tall on his 12th birthday (finished growing at 6’7″!). Mom was about 5’7″ but would always insist that she was still looking him eye to eye — since she did make eye contact and refused to give instructions to his chest. :)

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