Pulling together food for a family

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

Another week and more food has been served to the natives, keeping them happy and healthy and strong. Mission: accomplished.


~Pretty Veggie-Filled Breakfasts ~

Vegetables at breakfast seems to be a good idea, a way to get more nutrition into my day and start the day off strong. Here are a few of my attempts thus far.


~ Happy Children Bakers ~

What better summer break afternoon activity than making chocolate chip cookies? They followed the recipe for Mystie’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies straight from the blog post and did it all completely themselves while I was up in my room folding laundry.



~ Funny Approach ~

I make skillet chicken (included in Simplified Dinners) often. I was making it this week and couldn’t decide what kind of sauce to mix together and even mixing a sauce at all seemed like too much for that evening.

So I tossed in a block of cream cheese.

It was a good choice.


~ Real Kitchen ~

It turns out that making food makes a mess. Monday I made granola and yogurt, the kids made chocolate chip cookies, and there was breakfast and lunch and dinner as well.

I’m so thankful my husband does all the dishes after dinner! I washed the counters and swept the floor and we were still able to end the day in decent order. Whew.

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    Love the messy kitchen photo.
    Planning on making chocolate chip cookies with my boys this afternoon as well!

  2. Brandy Vencel
    | Reply

    Your kitchen is so great! I love your hood…hadn’t noticed that before. :)

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