Saturday Q&A: What is an MIT?

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I’d like to start a new little feature I’m calling Saturday Q&A. I receive questions by email or social media all the time, and rather than stay in my email inbox, I thought I’d take the opportunity to turn them into posts. At the bottom of the post you’ll find a contact form where you can submit your question to be answered in a future article!

Because you asked…

In my recent post Why Moms Need a Weekly Review, I used the term MIT.

Later, I received this question:

What does the abbreviation MIT stand for? It’s the one abbreviation that I couldn’t quite figure out.

MIT is short for Most Important Thing.

It is so easy for our to-do lists to simply explode with tasks – way more than what we can feasibly do in a day. What we must do if we are intent on spending our time well is pick out from the crowd what the truly essential items are, and make those front and center.

Yes, all the little things like the dishes and the diapers and the sweeping need to be done, but what is the one thing on your list today that would make a huge difference to your family, to your situation? Move that to the top of the list and write it large.

What is an MIT and how can it help me? Use discernment to set your daily important tasks. Completing it each day isn't necessarily the goal as long as it is chosen wisely.

It takes a lot of discernment and practice to choose the right MIT. Some days, we choose incorrectly. Some days, we choose well but still don’t get it checked off. But if we keep at it and refuse to grow weary in doing good, we will learn how to choose what our MIT is and we will get better at focusing and making it happen.

Choosing and doing an MIT every day is a practice: It takes repetition in the beginning in order to become better at it and then it continues to require daily repetition to bear fruit in our lives day after day.

For more on this topic, watch my video on making an effective daily to-do list.

This week I also posted at Simple Pantry Cooking and Simply Convivial:

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  1. Janis
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    I enjoyed this new type of post. Thank you for starting it. MIT is a great focus tool.

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