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This is our fifth week back-to-school, and although we’ve had rocky days, sick days, long days, and vacation days, overall the plans for this year seem to fit where we’re at. What a relief that is to see that your plans are actually going to work!



~Pretty morning time ~

Morning time really is the best part of our homeschooling day. Pam is getting ready to launch her new Your Morning Basket podcast in a few weeks, and so our Scholé Sisters conversations have often been descriptions of and reasonings for our various ways of doing things.

Brandy hit the nail on the head in one conversation when she said, “Morning Time grounds us.” She went into a metaphor about actual electricity and reactivity and grounding which was really a bummer because I like to pretend I can live without understanding the real, physical world. It’s so, so true, though.

Morning Time connects us, gives us a base to work from, and gets our day off to a strong start, having been centered on prayer, God’s Word, and time together with truth and beauty. It puts us all in a place of rest so we can attack those checklists after first things have been put first.


Remember you can see all I’ve written about Morning Time on my Morning Time Index page!




~ Happy Campers ~

My older two boys spent Friday-Monday camping with my parents and the 2 siblings still at home, traveling to the family reunion with them at the coast. They had a blast, but Tuesday was a Morning-Time-only day because they were still so beat, and Wednesday was Morning Time and math only.

Vacation (especially vacation with grandparents) detox is hard.



~ Funny math pages ~


Knox is my math man, or so he claims. He is cruising through MUS Primer. I’m guessing he’ll begin Alpha in September or October.

I get a kick out of it when the math pages get turned in with long-winded proclamations or whinings written in the margins. We are a language-oriented household, clearly. Also, clearly: we need to work on handwriting!

In other math news, 8 weeks off from fractions took its toll, and returning to the Math-U-See videos didn’t seem to help. So, I finally looked into Khan Academy, and it seems that a fresh voice and a fresh take are helping both comprehension and the willingness to tackle difficult concepts. It’s hard to feel like you’re being sent back, so I think a change was a better approach. After finishing the fractions unit in Khan Academy with the instant feedback it provides, we’ll return to MUS and finish out Epsilon.



~ Real Progress ~

On my summer break project list, I had “clean out & organize storage room” and “re-cover dining room chairs.” Neither happened before we started school back up, but last week it dawned on me that this could still count as summer, seeing as it’s August, even though we’re doing school. I could still do both those things, actually, this summer. Both of them need attention so badly.

So I’m tackling them with the slow-and-steady method rather than the all-day fit method, which is probably more sane and effective, but appeals to me less. Over the weekend I did the big part of the job: pulling out the overflowing clothes bins and sorting and actually making it all fit in the bins (by better folding & by purging). With that done and the clothes bins put back and a sketch of where I want things to end up when I’m done, 15 minutes a day in the storage room is making quicker work of it than I anticipated.

By the end of the week, I’m hoping to get to labeling the shelves, even! Maybe next week I’ll have a final picture and not just an in-progress picture.


our classical homeschool summer term plan

Books read in our house this week

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Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. Kortney
    | Reply

    Glad that Khan Academy helped! I love simple, free solutions. And you made some good progress in the storage area. I’ve got a basement that needs some attention when you’re finished ;)

  2. Geoff Paulson
    | Reply

    Does… does dad own a selfie stick?!

  3. Dawn
    | Reply

    What a great week. We used to love morning time too. My kids seem to have moved on from that. I wonderful if I could get it back. They still love it when I read to them and we discuss the book.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. mother of 3
    | Reply

    It sounds like you had a wonderful week!

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