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I recently discovered the app Periscope. Have you tried it out yet? I’m playing around with it this week, and it’s kinda fun. I’m @MystieWinckler there if you want to come chat with me about various organization and homeschool topics. You can’t get there via a website; you do have to use the app.

This week’s question came from Instagram, when I posted about our start of our new school year in early July. It seems like a natural question, and one worth addressing about our unusual homeschool year schedule.


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I’m curious how your kids feel about school in summer. Mine would mutiny. Maybe you don’t live in a neighborhood with other kids?

We do live in a neighborhood where my kids have good friends, but those good friends also homeschool. One of the families schools with the same schedule we use (and we do some of our homeschooling together). The other family also adjusts their schedule to fit their families needs. So, for example, they took off two months of school around when their newest baby was born in the spring and so were still doing school while we were off in May and June.

Our six-weeks-on, one-week-off pattern is the only school calendar we’ve used to date, so it’s normal to my kids. And I always do point out when we take a midyear week off that other kids do not get the frequent breaks my kids do. My kids are also pretty much always the first ones done with their testing and school year in May, so they have their chance to make friends jealous first before we go back to school while those friends are on break.

During our summer term we are also more flexible and do not begin every single subject and a full load. There’s still room for swimming, for taking a day off to go do something as a family or with friends, or to finish up before lunch or wait and do it in the afternoon after spending the morning out. It’s a good way to ease back into a work load slowly.

After a month off, even the kids recognize how much better days feel with a routine and productive things to get done. And they also know that a break week is never too far away, at any point during the school year. They are always itching to get into those new school crayons and notebooks, also.

So, it has definitely worked for us.

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  1. Melanie
    | Reply

    Hey, that was MY question! I feel so special. :-)

    We tried 6 weeks on/1 week off this past year. The kids loved it when we had the week off and hated it every time we had school when the neighborhood kids were off. Every kid we know in our neighborhood (which is Navy base housing) goes to public school, so they all have the same schedule. Also, we live at the beach, so long breaks at summer make more sense here. Beach culture. :-) You are fortunate to have homeschooling friends near you, so your kids don’t feel so “odd man out” if you change from the public school schedule. And man, my kids definitely don’t want summer schedule…not even if new notebooks are involved. Count your blessings that yours are so agreeable!

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