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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

We’re done with our school year!

And there was great rejoicing.

Now it’s time to clean and organize the entire house and plan the next school year. Our next term will begin late June or early July – I haven’t nailed that down firmly yet.

But for now the weather is gorgeous and we get to succumb to our spring fever and let go of the book work for a time.



~ Pretty Pencils ~

So we did our state-mandated testing and wrapped up our school year! Yay!



~ Happy Summer Break ~

Yes, it is early for a summer break, but this is the time of year where our weather is gorgeous.

We’re looking forward to park days, lots of LEGOs, and playing with friends.

Of course, there’s also going to be house cleaning, organizing, and school planning – and I’m looking forward even to those things.



~ Funny Sisters ~

Well, we aren’t too funny, but our photographer made the picture fuzzy and therefore funny.

My sister – Melanie Thompson, award-winning fine artist – had a featured exhibit at an art museum a couple hours away, so the older three kids and I drove over to see all her gorgeous work and celebrate with her.



~ Scholé Sisters ~


Yes, those are some pretty sisters, but so are these:


We’ve released a new webinar on How to Start Your Own Scholé Sisters Group. For $5, you get a one hour video conversation where the four of share different options for book groups or conversation with friends, plus we put together a guide that is free, and it includes an introduction by Christopher Perrin!




~ Real Reading ~

Speaking of reading, did you see that Sarah’s Read-Aloud Revival Membership site is live? She has all manner of resources, interviews, and workshops available there, with more coming every month. I’ve heard some of the plans for future additions, and it all sounds like a lot of fun.

And for some personal development reading as a homeschool mom, make sure you don’t miss Jennifer Dow’s free ebook, A Guide to Teaching Classically. I’m going to be doing some reading, note-taking, and writing this summer on how to teach more classically, and Jennifer’s book is a great place to begin!

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  1. Paola Collazo
    | Reply

    Congratulations! Happy Summer!!!

  2. Melissa
    | Reply

    Oh, finishing is always a good feeling! …your sister’s artwork is lovely :)

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