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I didn’t get in a pretty, happy, funny, real post yesterday, even though I do love putting those together. So, I took a cue from Brandy and am trying a 7 Quick Takes instead. :)

~ 1 ~

We took the week off everything except math this week because the older three kids all took tennis lessons from 9-noon, Monday through Thursday. Twelve hours of tennis wore them right out! Not only were our mornings shot, but I knew they’d not be in a frame of mind or body to learn in the afternoon, either. They could all do a math page before we left and then they listened to a lot of audio books in the afternoon.

So, really, it was a great week.

~ 2 ~

pretty * happy * funny * real

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

round button chicken

Geneva popped on her big brother’s [ginormous] flip flops and went outside, returning after a couple minutes with this “bouquet” for me.

There’s probably some awesome metaphor here about how our children can turn the worst weeds into a precious gift, but I don’t feel up to that right now.

Suffice it to say that these really are the prettiest things in our yard right now. Dratted drought.

~ 3 ~

The fun thing about being an Amazon affiliate is seeing the links to things people purchase. Don’t worry, I have no idea who is buying what, though I do attribute all weird health products to Brandy.

I try to not waste too much time looking at what people buy, but the truth is I’ve found some pretty cool things this way. This week I got sucked down the rabbit hole and found all sorts of cool index card accessories! And you know I love index cards.

Now, I would never pay $12 for a clipboard, especially such a tiny clipboard, but I love this! An index card sized clipboard! It’s so brilliant! It brings two of my loves together. I won’t pay $12, but I will be keeping an eye open at office supply stores when I get a chance. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

I saw someone bought these cases for index cards. I have one, and I love it. I’m pretty sure I paid more than $2 for it, too, so I added it to my wishlist in case I decide I want another.

And look at this! It’s like an index card wallet case! “Hipster PDA” used to be a thing — a stack of index cards with a binder clip for your system — and this accessory would be perfect for that sort of system. Actually, there was a dark purple index card wallet, too, which I was momentarily tempted by. But at $35, when I don’t generally carry something like that around anyway, I only added it to my wish list instead. :)

Isn’t it pretty?

And, yes, those are all affiliate links. Thank you all so much for your support of this site through clicking through my links! I really appreciate it!

~ 4 ~

I updated my Command Center cupboard this week. I’ll post on it in more detail at Simplified Organization next week, but right now I’m basking in the minimal feel to it now. It has so quickly become a junk-hider, and it took 2 days to clear the counter of miscellaneous stuff after I emptied it, but I decided that it was time to make it look nice, neat, clean, and then keep it business-like and minimal.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

~ 5 ~


Allison’s Cultivating the Kingdom podcast is out and absolutely wonderful! You can’t go wrong listening to George Grant for 30 minutes, no matter what the topic is, in my opinion. I’m happy to have another inspiring podcast to add to my playlist. What are your favorites?

~ 6 ~

Also, Dawn published her ebook “I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will: Charlotte Mason’s Motto Explained for Upper Elementary Students.” We’re reading it during our Morning Time and it’s superb. I recommend it absolutely and whole-heartedly, even if you aren’t using the Charlotte Mason method – by thinking about who we are and what we are called to do, we become more focused and able to do our work with a good will. That is true for moms and that is true for kids.

Dawn’s book will give you the words and the structure to meditate on those truths together with your kids.

~ 7 ~

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been playing around a bit with Periscope. I figured out how to get them recorded and I can embed them in blog posts now. So here’s the one that seemed to be the greatest hit so far, all about getting control of your email inbox:

Hope you had a great week!

5 Responses

  1. dawn
    | Reply

    Wow. I don’t know what to say other than thank you. I’m humbled.

  2. Allison
    | Reply

    Um, I am going to have to fight (with every ounce of self-control I have) buying all of your index card accessories immediately. I didn’t even know such a world existed, but now I am battling envy, big time.

    And THANK YOU for the link to Dawn’s PDF! I just popped over there and downloaded it. I can’t wait to page through it and see if my kids are old enough to begin using it, or if we need to wait a bit.

  3. Brandy Vencel
    | Reply

    Yes. George Grant is always a winner. ALWAYS!!

    I had no idea they made clipboards that small. It’s so cute I almost want to invent a reason to use one…

  4. Jeanette
    | Reply

    I have the Levenger pocket briefcase that it looks like you showed as a picture. I highly recommend it. I use it for my errand list and taking notes on the go.

  5. Brandy Vencel
    | Reply

    Hey! I had to come back over here and tell you that they had little clipboards at Target in The Spot section — they were cute and colorful, and about the right size to hold one of your cards. So…if you want to try one, there is a cheap option. :)

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