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evernote for homeschooling

Evernote is my favorite and necessary tool for running my paperless home management system and so this month I want to share how I use Evernote for Homeschooling. Everything in it is searchable and I can toss most papers. Those two reasons should convince you right there, but I have at least seven more posts to make my case and make it easy for you to move toward paperless planning.

Today I want to share how I start with big picture homeschool planning in Evernote.


Make a Homeschool Scope and Sequence in Evernote

I know most people – if they make a scope and sequence at all – make one in a spreadsheet or a table. I’ve made plenty of those before myself. However, I can’t make them look good, and I usually way over-plan.

Now, I have a basic guide scope and sequence in list form within Evernote. Here’s what it looks like:




Simple, not over-done, and principle-driven rather than curriculum-driven. Of course it’s still idealistic, but aren’t all big picture plans?

Make Homeschool Vision and Goals Statements in Evernote

I think Pam’s instructions and formula for making a big picture vision statement and yearly goals is one of the clearest and easiest-to-follow out there. My first vision statement and overarching goals I have on paper and transcribed into Evernote, but I recently used her vision workshop form to write a newer, more concise version and then saved it on the vision form from her Plan Your Year Kit straight into Evernote:


Then separately I also have overarching goals for each phase of education: toddler-preschooler, elementary, middle school, and high school. It looks like this:


Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and the few format options allowed by Evernote help me remember to keep things simple.

Homeschool Big Picture Notes That I Have in Evernote

These are some of the notes in my Big Picture notebook:

  • Cycles for composers & artists (a 3-year rotation that I have only sporadically followed)
  • Lists of memory work we’ve done, by type (poetry, hymns, Scripture, catechism)
  • Big picture goals
  • Yearly scope and sequence overview summary
  • Example of a transcript form for future reference
  • Vision
  • Definitions of education

Evernote is a great program for homeschool planning. Anything you would have in a homeschool binder, you can keep in Evernote. You can scan what you currently have in Evernote, or if it is saved as a document on your computer, you can cut and paste it into Evernote or save it into Evernote as a pdf.

Evernote for Homeschooling series

2 Responses

  1. Patty
    | Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out if evernote would work for me. I would still need to learn how to use it.

    I love tables. I do most of my forms, and plans in table form. Is there a way to do tables on evernote?

    I have been using Google Drive to organize most of my homeschool paper work. I like the look of Google Drive with it’s little file folders. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the note, notebook, and stack concept.

    I still tend to want a hard copy of things though. I don’t know how to get over this.

    I also use Homeschool Tracker Online. I need to figure out how to copy reports to evernote.

    Thank you for the posts on evernote, I will slowly but surely keep looking into it, and see if it would be a better option for me.

    • Annie
      | Reply

      I love tables, too, and found that if you are on computer you can add tables, and even put a table inside that table. The only downside was that the tables are not editable in the mobile version.

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