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Because I selected virtue as my word of the year, I am curious to see where it pops up in my reading and determined to write them all down. The first instance to be so discovered and copied was in The Secret Providences of God by John Calvin, which I finished on Sunday.

Our virtue is certain because it is provided, not ginned up.

This is certain, that unless virtue is provided from heaven each new moment, because we are fallen we would be ruined a thousand times over. Whomever God elects, He supports with an unconquerable fortitude for perseverance.

To know that the strength I need is not my own, but given to me, is a true comfort. God is much more reliable – not to mention strong! – than I am.

I thought The Secret Providences of God was a great book, briefly and clearly demonstrating that God orchestrates all things without Himself being implicated in His creatures’ wickedness. Providence truly is a comforting doctrine – we are in the hands of One Who knows what He’s doing and does all things well. As Doug Wilson puts it, God draws straight with crooked lines.


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  1. ladydusk
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    That is incredibly comforting! When He calls, he supports … even when we think his call is beyond our endurance. Our pastor’s evening sermon was along these lines on Sunday and I was greatly encouraged. This book will go on my list. Thanks, Mystie!

  2. Amy
    | Reply

    What a wonderful idea to collect quotes pertaining to your word of the year!

  3. Sharon Burroughs
    | Reply

    Adding this to my to read list. My daughter just finished Laughing Gas. It is in my stack….waiting for me.

  4. SarahD
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    Love the Wilson quote. I remember him saying it either at a conference I went to as a teen or in a book ( pretty sure it was the former), “God can beat a straight line with a crooked stick.”

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