What do we eat in the summer, again?

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round button chicken

We’re having a straight week of over-100-degree weather, and although this makes me not want to cook, it doesn’t make anyone around here not want to eat.

Silly people.

I always go through a dinner-fixing crisis when the first heat wave strikes. I know I have meals I’ve done for times like this, because they do happen every year, but what are they again?!

Unfortunately, my daughter and I are the only ones who think a salad makes a great main dish. Fortunately, my husband never minds grilling.

What do you fix for dinner when the temps are high?


I’ve been trying to eat more veggies at breakfast and thought this particular plate was worth photographing. Isn’t it pretty?

I love berry season.

And while raw veggies seem like a bit much at breakfast most of the time, when it’s so hot they are welcome, even at 7am. And they’re just pretty.


I’ve heard from so many people that you love the German pancakes as much as we do! It’s funny. I thought this was one of those meals everyone knew about but me, but apparently there are still others waiting to discover this perfect breakfast food.

When I make it for a morning, I bake up 15-eggs worth. 2 9×13 pans and 1 8×8 square or a pie plate. And usually this quantity is demolished in short order.

Eggs are brain food, and the flour and milk helps stretch them and make them feel complete. They are a great way to start the day!

Easy German Pancakes in the Oven


I posted a picture of my lunch one day and someone commented that it looked fancy. Considering it’s just zucchini planks (I’m so thankful for neighbors with overabundant gardens!) with some Parmesan cheese and salami (well, ok, and a bit of leftover diced ham and bacon bits).

I do get tired of salad for lunch and this was a nice change of pace.

And I doubt zucchini is going to be in short supply anytime in the next 3 months.


When the weather report says highs of 111-degrees, that’s just too much. Time for popcorn and chocolate milkshakes!

I used my quick & easy salted chocolate milk recipe and dumped 5-cups-worth into the ice cream maker, let it go for 15 minutes, and voila! delicious, not-too-sweet, very-chocolatey chocolate milkshakes.

It almost makes me hope for another 111 excuse to make them.

Download the free menu plan printable that will help you navigate three meals a day, every week.

7 Responses

  1. Meg
    | Reply

    I’m so glad to discover this blog! This is perfect since I’ve just been feeling entirely uninspired in the kitchen!

  2. Denise
    | Reply

    Your zucchini planks are such a great idea. And your chocolate milk…yum….I want one now.

  3. Laura
    | Reply

    I’ve never had German pancakes but they look delicious!

  4. Deirdre
    | Reply

    I SO hear you about not knowing what to cook in the heat! I go through it every year. Right now I’m relying on the panini grill that I just scored for free… I’d love to grill but we can’t have one, being in a second story apt! And stovetop pasta dishes..
    Your chocolate milkshakes look amazing! I wish I had an ice cream maker!

  5. Sarah
    | Reply

    I’m totally in the boat with you, not wanting to cook in the heat! We see a lot of popcorn and ice cream in our house this time of year as well.
    Thankfully, my husband doesn’t mind a main dish salad once in a while, provided it has enough substance to it besides just the lettuce. Our two family favorites are Taco Salad and Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad. I make up a big, basic salad, and then leave all the toppings on the side, so the children can choose how much or little they want. Toddlers usually get an assortment of toppings without the salad!
    Another summer favorite is a meal of store-bought breaded fish fillets, squash/zucchini sautéed in butter with a few diced onions, and black eyed peas with a piece of bacon diced in them for seasoning. It’s still a cooked meal, but not very intensive, and not too heavy for when you just don’t feel like a big meal.

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