What we’re eating this week

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simple easy homemade family menu plan

Here we are, starting a new week with a plan to eat – 3 meals every single day! It feels good to start with a plan.

Not only am I starting with a plan this week, but Saturday I was also able to make 2 dozen rolls and 4 dozen muffins, as well as our Sunday whole wheat cinnamon rolls, which will ease up not only the prep time for meals during the week, but also the mental effort required to keep everyone fed.

Breakfasts This Week

  • Monday: Sunday leftovers with scrambled eggs
  • Tuesday: simple oven pancakes
  • Wednesdays & Fridays: muffins and yogurt
  • Saturday: Daddy-made pancakes
  • Sunday: whole wheat cinnamon rolls (made on Saturday)

Lunches This Week

  • Monday: pasta & peas, sprinkled cheese is optional + pears
  • Tuesday: peanut butter and jam on rolls + pears
  • Wednesday: muffins, string cheese, salami, pears
  • Thursday: rice with carrots & peas, topped with butter or cheese
  • Friday: leftover pizza from Thursday’s dinner

Dinners This Week

  • Monday: skillet chicken, salad, potatoes
  • Tuesday: tuna noodle casserole, salad
  • Wednesday: butternut squash soup, salad, bread
  • Thursday: homemade pizza by the 10-year-old
  • Friday: beef & broccoli stir-fry
  • Saturday: baked potatoes w/ toppings

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