Friday Five: verdure term, book organization, and vocations

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1) follow-through 2) ‘fore & aft 3) freebie 4) FAQ & 5) favorite fiction

~ follow-through ~

Weekly Wrap-Up

homeschool snapshot

We began our last term of the year this week – perhaps it was that ray of hope that helped everyone get started with pep and cheerfulness. It was a fairly painless beginning. Plus, we’ve certainly hit our groove.

I should probably do my best to keep next year as similar as possible, because our groove does seem to be working, but I’m eyeing several procedural changes I’m looking forward to implementing.

The last term of the year is a great point at which to trial-run some habit or flow changes for the next year. This time for me that means implementing a more intentional evening review that includes time to get geared up for the day the night before.

It’s actually stinking difficult, for some reason.

homeschool snapshothomeschool snapshot

homeschool snapshot

Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week: Afternoons are for Narnia visits.

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~ ‘fore & aft ~

round button chicken

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I love these IKEA cupboards that keep our school supplies out of sight but still right by the dining room table where we work, but they get out of hand in the blink of an eye!

~ freebie ~

I hope you can join us Monday for another live planner talk!

This time I’m talking with MacKenzie Monroe of Bold Turquoise & Cultivating the Lovely – all about planning, but specifically about how to stay upbeat and persevere when our situations and our family’s needs are always changing.

April 11, 2016
1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern

Register for free:

Join us!

Even if you can’t make it live, you should still register! Everyone who signs up will also receive a replay link after the chat is over.

~ FAQ ~

This week I thought I’d share a question from Catie that I answered with a Periscope video:

How do you organize your kids’ toys? I have small children (7, 5 and 2) and their toys are the bane of my existence! What I’m doing right now, is packing about half of them away and having a “check out” system. :/ Which makes me feel like a bad mom! But I just can’t stand it when it takes 3 hours to pick up the toys! To be honest, we don’t have that many, just lots of tiny pieces. :)

First, don’t feel mean – or, at least, don’t feel alone in your tyranny – I rotate toys and have for years! It’s the only way to survive sanely and not have an utter disaster all the time. :)

~ favorite fiction ~

kids reading or bookshelf

It’s been a Narnia week at our house, and that makes me happy. I’ve heard the audio version of The Dawn Treader waft down the stairs from the Lego room (I think the Legos consume more volume of that room than beds). I’ve seen multiple figures contorted in chairs with a slim paperback.

Best of all, I’ve heard the 6-year-old squeek out “Reepicheep!” to himself every time he encountered the name in his otherwise silent reading.

Have a great weekend!

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