Change the story.

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Organize your attitude #3

What we think matters.

While it’s still awkward and uncomfortable, we accept the story God is telling in our lives and tell it to ourselves. We can take the reins and “take every thought captive.” We can change our thoughts.

And by changing our thoughts, we can change the story we see ourselves acting.

We do not have to remain at the whim of our emotions or whatever thought flits into our minds. We can take the reins and

Notice the story.

Our racing thoughts include an interpretation of what is happening to us.

What is happening?

What does it mean?

SO052: Intentional Stories

It’s difficult but essential to notice that our perception of what’s going on is an interpretation, a story overlaid on the bare facts. Stripping the story away entirely so that we are unconnected, stoic observers of our lives is not desirable, but we also do not have to be stuck with the story that first and naturally pops into our minds.

If the story we see ourselves living out is one where everyone is against us, where nothing ever works out for us, where kids are a pain and a hassle and a nuissance – then we must notice it and reject it. That is not the story God tells, and it is the story He is telling that is true and that brings peace and comfort, even when the difficult circumstances don’t lift.

God is giving us opportunities to practice and thereby grow in patience, kindness, and self-control.

God is setting apart and sanctifying a people for Himself, and we have the privilege not only of being a part of that people, but of being instruments in discipling the people in our charge, as well. It’s not about us. It’s about His work in the world – which we both are and can be a part of.

What role am I playing right now in that story?

Change the story.

But we can’t simply see that our story is self-pity or pride or whatever wrong-headed interpretation we’re stuck in. We can’t scrape it back to bare facts and stay there.

Rather, while it’s still awkward and uncomfortable, we accept the story God is telling in our lives and tell it to ourselves. What is true? Tell yourself the truth.

To do this, we must know the truth. That means we must know our Bibles and spend time in the Word. Prayer and Scripture reading is how we put off our old man, our old stories, and put on the new.

Changing the story is a practice we must, well, practice.

For a more robust and well-developed encouragement to see your life as a story – the story God is telling – I highly recommend Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl and Death by Living by N.D. Wilson.

Changing the story you tell yourself about your life is the main point of the first audio lesson in the Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done course. I believe this is a life- and attitude-altering practice and one I want to share with you.

I’d love to send you the first audio lesson from Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done for free.

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  1. April
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    This “what we think about’ to me is a key biblical truth that as Christians we often over look and it keeps us in bondage. God asks us to think about whatever is pure, noble, right, excellent, praiseworthy, true, lovely, etc. When we do this with a heart of gratitude, it is amazing how wonderful, joyful and peaceful the day turns out to be. I believe out of habit, media saturation, and the messages we receive from others who also have ungodly and media saturated habits we tend to focus on what is wrong, difficult, bad, etc. and this is not God’s will for us. We replace faith with fear and live in bondage. I really look forward to hearing more of your take on the subject of our thoughts.

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