Drink water.

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Some mornings it’s difficult to shake the sleep-fog off.

Some afternoons it’s hard to beat the afternoon slump brain fog.

Some days we just can’t seem to get all systems clear and running.

Try a tall glass of cold water.

Even mild dehydration can cause brain fog, fatigue, and headaches. Slugging back a glass full of cold water rehydrates your body, helps flush out toxins, and wakes you up as your body rushes blood around to warm your system after the cold shock.

There’s no harm in it, and it might be just the ticket.

Water is a cheap, easy, no-risk strategy. Just drink water.

So, besides chugging a large dose when we need a boost, we should also be drinking more water throughout the day.

Build the habit: drink water.

Drinking water is really just a habit.

Make it easy. Keep a glass by the sink or fridge. Take a water bottle with you in the car. Do what you can to reduce the barriers of getting a drink.

Give yourself cues. Decide to always drink a glass with each meal. Pick a time you sit down to do something most days and add in sitting down with a glass of water. Always get a drink before and after exercising – find those pegs in your day where you can tie in the habit of drinking some water and watch the ounces add up. Just drink water.

Set a measurable goal. Water can be measured. So try filling a pitcher, putting it in the fridge, and setting a goal to drink the whole thing before the day is over. Just drink water.

Make it fun. Add lemon slices to your water cup. Add cucumber and lime slices to a pitcher in the fridge. Fresh ginger slices or cinnamon sticks in water are both good and different ways to make water seem less boring and more like a treat. Just drink the water.

The two most important glasses.

The first two most significant water habits you can build are to start and end your day with water. Always drink a glass of water before coffee – you need to rehydrate after sleep and your body will be able to handle the coffee better if it’s had that refreshing morning glass first.

Then, end your day with a cup of water, too. Your body needs water to repair itself, so give it what it needs for a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes when we feel foggy and grumpy and unable to handle life, all we need is a glass of ice water to solve our mild dehydration.

If you find yourself suffering from morning fog or an afternoon headache, reach for the water and see if your body is simply trying to tell you its dehydrated. It’s a simple fix, and a good first line of defense.

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  1. Leanne
    | Reply

    I always thought it was bad to drink with your meal that it should be at least 1/2 hour before and after you eat.

    But yes hydration is so important – thanks for the reminder.

  2. Helen
    | Reply

    For whatever reason, water has never tasted good to me before lunch. And I’m a BIG water drinker – I love plain ol ice cold water. But today, having read this yesterday, I choked down a glass before my coffee, while I was waiting for my egg to cook :)

    • Mystie Winckler
      | Reply

      Have you ever tried adding lemon or something to the water in the morning? Would that help?

      • Helen
        | Reply

        I like flavored sparkling water but not still water LOL I’m sure if I just force it I’ll begin to like it.

  3. Liz-singlemomconquers
    | Reply

    I started using a 32 oz Yeti Rambler, and I love it. That was the ticket for me- I only have to refill it once, instead of trying to keep track of cup after cup. I keep it next to any other drink I have, and when I take a drink of something else, I take a drink of water too. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my overall health. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Katie
    | Reply

    A dear friend of mine hosted myself and another friend for lunch one hot day in the summer and when we walked in she had a clear glass pitcher filled with ice water and orange and lemon slices. It tasted so good! She’s a great cook, but I don’t even remember what we ate, just how thirst quenching and pretty that sweating pitcher was:)

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