Eat breakfast.

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Organize your attitude #31

Do you stop to eat breakfast every morning?

A cheerful disposition is not only mental. It is also physical. Our stomachs have a say in our attitude, and we would do well to not overlook that reality. We’re not above our bodies. When we are hungry, when our blood sugar drops or spikes, when we don’t drink enough water, we will have a harder time maintaining our mental equilibrium. We need to eat breakfast.

Breakfast is one of those essentials to setting ourselves up physically for handling life as it comes.

Don’t skip breakfast.

When the mornings get crazy, it’s easy to save time by not stopping to eat. However, this sacrifice is not worth the cost. You might be saving time, but you’re not saving your attitude!

Too often, it’s not until we’re crabby and snapping at the children that we realize we missed breakfast. And then we have a mess to fix, a day to put on pause, and a breakfast to grab.

We might not even intend to skip breakfast, but rather let it happen on accident by not making it a dedicated part of the routine. Solve this attitude-wrecker by slotting breakfast into your routine before the day gets going.

Do eat a satisfying breakfast.

Grabbing a too-quick breakfast, especially as an emergency measure, is not the best way to ensure stable blood sugar.

It does matter what we eat for breakfast – coffee alone, or even with cream, does not an adequate breakfast make.

A breakfast with protein sticks with us, evens our moods as well as our blood sugar, and can be quick and easy. My own breakfast of choice is eggs topped with a bit of cheese. Changing up the type of cheese – cheddar, Parmesan, Jarlesburg, Havarti – is a simple way to vary the taste without rethinking the menu.

Eat breakfast, don't skip it. Do not overlook or underestimate how our physical needs affect our mental ability to cope with life.

Having a satisfying go-to, everyday breakfast is a strategy that makes it possible to fit breakfast in and set yourself up for morning stability rather than morning grumping.

Remember to eat breakfast!

What is your go-to breakfast strategy?

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  1. Janis
    | Reply

    I don’t prefer to eat the same thing for breakfast every day, but with 5 young kids I don’t have it in me to vary the menu much and keep a good disposition. We alternate eggs and oatmeal. We usually do cereal on Friday or another day if we have an appointment or something. Saturday is Daddy Special (a big breakfast that usually includes eggs, bacon or sausage, and pancakes). Whatever he makes is more involved and more fun than I could pull off on our own. Sunday is usually granola bars, cheese, and fruit.

    I find it really does help to have a repeating menu. It takes the brainwork out. You taught me that!

  2. Crystal J
    | Reply

    We typically have something like hot cereal (it’s a blend of grains without oats, unfortunately we can’t do oats!) or oven pancake, muffins or biscuits with scrambled eggs for the kids. I don’t eat gluten (I do eat traditional sourdough!) so, unless I make sourdough baked goods, I usually have eggs with a banana/orange or sautéed veggies (leftover veggies work great). I try to cook my eggs while the kids breakfast is cooking. That way we can eat together or I can eat before them and I go over the plans for the day while they eat.

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