Embrace fifteen minutes.

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Organize Your Attitude #10

One way we give in to perfectionism is to not start unless we know we can finish and get the results we want.

But as busy moms, that is rarely possible.

We can’t put things off until the perfect moment, because that moment will not come.

Instead, try embracing 15 minute chunks.

15 minutes is all you need to make progress, to accomplish something, to press reset on your day or your attitude. Take advantage of every 15 minutes!

I like results and outcomes, but progress is more important and more achievable.

In fifteen minutes you can make progress.

Cleaning and organizing the entire house might be your project, but that’s not going to happen in one day.

SO066: 15 Minutes is All You Need

However, if you set aside 15 minutes every day (or most days, anyway), you can slowly but steadily move toward that object.

Embrace the process, the incremental change that you move forward, more than the outcome.

In fifteen minutes you can get something done.

Keep a list of small tasks that truly help out that take 15 minutes or less.

Mine includes cleaning out my purse, reordering the utensil drawer in the kitchen, and folding a load of laundry.

It’s good to remember that the job that seems daunting can be over shortly if we just start.

If the overwhelming job on your plate will take longer than 15 minutes, try breaking it up into chunks that are doable within a quarter hour. Is the entire kitchen a wreck? Split it into 5 zones and only tackle one at a time until you’re done.

Seeing small wins snowballs into satisfying success.

In fifteen minutes you can reset your attitude.

Whether it’s by taking a little time out (even if it’s behind a locked bathroom door), drinking a big glass of ice water, or walking up and down the driveway a few times while you pray to sort things out – knowing that your mood is not you and you can let it go is crucial and doesn’t have to take long, doesn’t have to take chocolate (though it helps), and doesn’t have to be dramatic.

God is in the business of changing hearts.

We can ask Him and He will do it, but we must be ready to actually repent and choose and act in love & joy.

Little drops add up over time.

All or nothing is not the best approach to anything.

Consistency and building one brick at a time will make solid progress, whether it’s in habits of mood or habits of housecleaning. We will never reach perfection where we no longer need 15 minute boosts. Our house will never stay organized and our moods will never be perfectly tranquil.

But each time we require 15 minutes, we can take it and make progress.

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  1. April
    | Reply

    “Little drops add up over time.” Yes, and…

    “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa

    Momma, what you do everyday in your children’s lives matter so much. Take heart and persist in obedience to God’s grace, mercy and love. If you need help, reach out and God will meet you with help from Himself and others. Your attitude will make all the difference in the world to your children and your future self. :)

  2. Leisa
    | Reply

    I love this! Small changes added up have the potential to create big results.

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