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Better late than never, right? I hope so, anyway! :)

I have a cold this week, and it’s been slowing me down. So goes the mid-winter season, I suppose. Time to huddle in and drink lots of tea. :)

~ 1 ~

This was our first week back after 5 weeks off from Thanksgiving until New Year. We had a rocky start, which is to be expected, but by the end of the week everyone has finally remembered where they were with their math and how routine days go.

My emphasis this term is going to be on being consistent with Morning Time. I let it slip too often last term, not going to the effort of pulling everyone away from their independent work to the table with enough time to spare before we had other people showing up for various school activities. Doing school with others meant those lessons happened consistently, but it means we have to get started in a timely fashion in the morning to have time for Morning Time.

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It was great to see your feedback on the survey I did here a few weeks ago. I’ll be taking some post ideas from the feedback you gave and answering questions you sent as a part of these Friday 7 Quick Takes posts.

The loud-and-clear feedback was that we need more homemaking posts and more homeschool nitty gritty posts. I can definitely oblige those requests. :) In fact, I am working on a “how I teach writing” post for Monday to get nitty-gritty for you. I’ll do my best to add a few day-in-the-life posts before summer break, too, and make my previous day-in-the-life posts easier to find.

Also, I definitely understand those who prefer reading to watching video or listening to audio, so when I do workshops I will do my best to offer a transcript or at least a cheat sheet with a detailed outline.

Thanks so much for participating in the survey!

~ 3 ~

It’s the new year and that means trying to ameliorate the holiday excesses, right? I’m trying (but not succeeding very well – I’m blaming my cold) to get 10-12k steps every day logged on my Fitbit, 2 sets of 20 20-pund kettlebell swings at random points in the day, and I’d like to follow the No-S diet also but haven’t had a single N (normal) day all week (can I blame the cold?).

It’s hard to get steps when it’s icy cold in the mornings. I don’t have a treadmill, so I’m trying out a few Leslie Sansone videos. They’re good in that they are video workouts that count as steps, but doing them does make me feel like an old lady unable to do a “real” workout. But, if I’m going to exercise, I want it to count! So stepping videos it is. This 10-minute core video is also great, even though it doesn’t help the step-counting. I get noticeable results when I do it regularly – not no results that such things as Christmas and vacations haven’t been able to undo.

~ 4 ~

Good news!

The planning chat I did with Jen Mackintosh and Dawn Hanigan was so well received and sparked so many further questions that we decided to do another one!

Saturday, January 16, 7am Pacific & 10am Eastern

Sign up here!

We’ll talk about more specifics on how each of us plans out a particular season or interval, and we’ll ask Jen to elaborate on planning and homemaking as hospitality.

If you’re already signed up for the previous chat, you’re signed up for this one too, automatically. If you missed that one, you can sign up and get instant access to the replay and a notification with the link to join live on Saturday morning!

~ 5 ~

I thought it’d be fun to look at the top 3 posts from 2015. Here’s what Google says were the top three most-viewed posts:

And these were the top three posts of 2015 from Simplified Organization:

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FAQ Friday

It seems there are always Evernote questions landing in my inbox. :) Here’s the latest:

I waffle back and forth about scanning my receipts. Can you please address this issue about which receipts you scan and why?

Yes! For a time I scanned all receipts – even grocery store ones – and all bills paid and paystubs received. Then I realized that quite a bit of what I was scanning was already available online if I needed it (account statements, etc.) so I stopped scanning paystubs and paid bills.

For awhile, I was keeping track of how much I was spending on groceries and household items. When my husband and I reevaluate spending and budgeting and all that, I prefer to see my purchases in categories rather than a big lump. So for a time I kept a spreadsheet of money I spent at the grocery store, Costco, and WalMart. Instead of keeping a pile of receipts in my purse, I could snap a picture right at the checkout or in my car before leaving the parking lot and add it later. Then I didn’t have to deal with clutter in my purse. Plus, when I wanted to update the spreadsheet, the receipt photo would be synced and available – no scrounging for the slips I needed.

So, asking what you do need to keep and what you don’t is a good question to ask, but one that you’ll have to evaluate for yourself. You don’t need to keep every receipt. Evernote clutter isn’t as bad as counter clutter, but it is clutter.

  • If it’s a purchase or an expense you want to track, then save it.
  • If it’s a purchase or an expense you might need to prove in the future (for taxes or returns, etc.), then save it.
  • If you’d just throw it away if it were paper and not miss it, then don’t save it.

I have a lot of Evernote for Homeschooling posts, here’s a great one to start with if you need more Evernote tips:


~ 7 ~

I scored on the books I chose for our kids’ Christmas gifts this year.

Have a great weekend!

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    Mystie, I LOVE your new blog format! It’s very clean and easy to read. I’ve linked this site to my blog and look forward to becoming a more regular reader.

    Blessings in the New Year,

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