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Weekly Menu Plan and Kitchen Snapshots

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I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We had a low-key day at home, but we still celebrated with good food, including my favorite broccoli salad (it has bacon in it).

He is risen!

round button chicken


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I am so thankful my mom does the egg-coloring every year. She boils up a dozen for each kid, sets up, cleans up, and the whole shebang. Thanks, mom!

Now, of course, we’ll be eating a lot of hard-boiled eggs this week!


I finally found a low-carb lunch that I enjoy and that also doesn’t leave me high-and-dry (and crabby) in the mid-afternoon (aka witching hour).

Cucumber slices (1/2 cup), cheese (1 oz), celery with cream cheese (2), cashews (1/4 cup), and kalamata olives (5). This has been my lunch all week last week and will be again all this coming week.


When making a batch of whole-wheat bread this week, I tossed in what was left from our breakfast oatmeal. No one knew the difference.

I think I get to score some frugal points there. :)


When I couldn’t find the four-pack of Costco butter in my fridge on Friday, I knew it was really time to clean it out. So I did.

My before picture doesn’t show how gunky the side shelves were, but trust me, they were a mess. I took them all out, washed them, and put all the things back in the right place (they are labeled, after all, but after awhile that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone – including myself).


Breakfasts this week

Lunches this week

  • rolls, cheese, pears, & hard-boiled eggs (lots of hard-boiled eggs)
  • Leftovers (whenever possible)
  • pbj on easy fresh bread

Dinners this week

  • leftover ham, egg salad, English muffins, salad
  • grilled chicken with chipotle marinade, asparagus, no-knead bread
  • crockpot split pea soup with the leftover ham bone, salad, chips
  • rice, bean, beef, & cheese casserole
  • crazy lasagna, salad (make-ahead the lasagna for tomorrow)
  • lasagna and garlic toasts (guests)

2 Responses

  1. Tracy
    | Reply

    Leftover oatmeal is my secret ingredient to my bread. In my opinion, it helps hold in moisture and adds a depth of flavor that whole wheat and white flour alone don’t give. My breadmaking routine, nowadays, always starts with a huge batch of oatmeal for breakfast so I can be sure to have enough leftovers to throw in the bread dough! Do you think yours kept better with the oatmeal (or is it like my house, where I don’t really get to know because we go through the bread so fast!?)

    Also, what is Crazy Lazagna? That sounds like a meal that would be a really big hit. :)

    • Mystie
      | Reply

      I’ll have to take pictures when I make it and post a recipe for Crazy Lasagna – it’s basically lasagna but with penne or other pasta and not layered. It’s less work, but still delicious. :)

      I think you had told me that and that’s when I started doing it, too! :) It would make sense if it lasts longer, but, yes, we haven’t had opportunity to find out. It’s gobbled up right away. :)

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