Fantabulous Friday Five

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1. Focus

Frustratingly true:

From the book Do More Better by Tim Challies

2. Framework

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I’ve been more consistent lately with my daily index card method, and it helps so much! It’s worth it to make that card, even when not everything on it gets crossed off. Try it out and don’t overcomplicate it. Most of my fallings-off have been due to trying to do too much or add too many list-making rules to the process.

Daily Index Card Information

3. Feeds

The Simplified Organization AudioBlog released this week! Enjoy!

And the fourth episode of the Simply Convivial Audio Blog is out:

Plus, a reader sent me this link with a very-related thought from Desiring God:

Even If You Labor “for Nought” by John Piper

4. FAQ

I received a great question from Jillian over the weekend, one I think we can all relate to:

I’m thinking I should have said no to something [this busy weekend] but really can’t justify in my head vetoing either one. Add on top of this a big laundry pile that wasn’t touched over the weekend and, oh yeah, a 2 month old! Things are a little crazy.

I know everyone says “give yourself grace,” but at the very least I have to have the schoolwork planned out for the week!

So that’s a long way of asking, what do you do when the weekly review/planning session just doesn’t happen?

Short answer: The bare minimum, right before its needed, plus looking at the calendar and making sure bills are paid. There’s many a Monday morning where I’m printing kids’ checklists (or copying new ones in Trello now) with my cup of coffee while they wrap up their chores and start what they know they need to do.

Try to fit in that weekly review somewhere, have a back up plan, and try again next week. It’ll be ok. Roll with the punches.

Here’s the long answer:

5. Finds

Getting Better and Better (Little by Little)

by Dana White

Oh how I love a big reveal. I love it when things go from awful to wonderful in one day.

But real life, fortunately/unfortunately seems to be more about the small improvements. The ones that happen again and again. At random moments.

3 Keys To a Powerful Prayer Life

by Tim Challies

Every Christian comes to find that prayer is difficult. Prayer is a tremendous joy and a tremendous blessing but the joy and blessing come through tremendous difficulty.

Let Us Tell Better Stories to Our Culture to Our Children

by Heidi Scovel

What story will we tell our culture? What will it reveal about what we believe, love, and allow into our hearts to shape our affections?

The Importance of Saying No to Good Things

by Christa Threlfall

We’re so focused on all the things we want/need to say YES to; saying NO seems like a bit of a downer. In our society of “do all the things! be anything you want! put yourself out there and be brave!” saying no comes across as lame. Maybe even lazy.

Reclaiming Monday

by Matt Perman

Getting back into your work rhythm after a weekend can be a challenge.

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