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Organize your attitude #27

There is so much to do. Always.

And there are always distractions, other possibilities, and any number of potential and real problems to derail our plans.

Sometimes our plans do need to take back seat to real life. Sometimes we have to adjust on the fly and simply take care of the emergent realities as they unfold.

But sometimes the reason we don’t follow through with our plans is not because something more important came up, but because we simply forgot. Maybe it’s not even that we forgot, but that we purposefully turned our eyes off our plan and toward distraction and anything except what we should be doing.

What can help us stay the course? What can help us keep our eyes on our priorities when we are having a hard time bringing our energy and attention to where it needs to be?


We need community. We need to know we aren’t in this alone. We need accountability.

Not only does it help knowing that others are doing life with us, bearing the same temptations and responsibilities, understanding exactly where we’re coming from, but it also helps to say out loud and to another person what it is that needs our attention each day.

If we say it out loud, we’ve identified it. We’re clearer in our own head and we’re committed. It helps to have a friend with whom we can swap goals and commiseration. We can cheer each other on and ask how that specified task is going.

This kind of accountability can happen daily or weekly. It can be in person, by text, by email, or by voxer. It can be informal and friend-to-friend or committed and purposeful and consistent. You can choose to identify a daily goal in the morning and check in every day. You can choose to identify a weekly goal or weekly zone or theme and check in on Mondays. You can do it with one friend or with a small group of like-minded women.

With technology woven into our lives, we might as well leverage it to help us build our friendships, our communities, our accountability to one another.

As part of Work the Plan and Simplified Organization: Learn to Love What Must Be Done, we’ve begun a Monday email that goes out that is both a reminder to set a weekly focus and a motivational jolt to make that leap and commitment. You could even do the same for yourself by setting a recurring alarm on your phone as a reminder or use a service like x to send yourself a text reminder automatically.

We need community. We need to know we aren’t in this alone. We need accountability.

These are useful, but not as compelling as having a real person who knows you and who responds walk the journey alongside.

Grab a friend, tell her what your priority is today, ask her about hers, pray for each other, and keep up with life – together, side by side. It will help.

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