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Ok, so SEVEN quick takes was taking way too much time to pull together, so I’m cutting it down to five consistent things I’ll be sharing on Fridays.

Friday Five: follow-through, fun, freebie, FAQ, & free reads

~ follow-through ~

I’ve been really enjoying our Elementary Lesson time this year, when we do our content lessons with friends while my younger kids are playing – lessons are at my house and the “developmental-oriented preschool” is at my friends’ house. Last year I was less than satisfied, and so I shortened up our readings, went all in with “roll of the dice” narrations every paragraph for science and each short chapter for history every time, and it has helped tremendously.

It’s like Charlotte Mason knew what she was talking about or something. So annoying.

We’re currently reading Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels, On the Shores of the Great Sea, Exploring Creation with Anatomy, Julius Caesar – following along with the Audible version in our own copies, the Heidelberg Catechism with The Good News We Almost Forgot, and Anne White’s guide for Plutarch’s Publicola.

Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week:

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~ fun ~

I was actually able to broadcast on Periscope regularly this week. I decided to shoot for quick 5 minute little shots-in-arm for mom. I can’t always carve out 20 minutes of uninterrupted time when I also have coherent thoughts. But 5 minutes I can squeeze in somewhere, and short, focused bits fit my style better anyway.

I hope it makes it easier for you to participate or watch, too. I usually get them uploaded to my YouTube channel, also.

~ freebie ~

Saturday morning I had the privilege to chat again with Jen Mackintosh (from Wildflowers & Marbles) and Dawn Hanigan (from Sun and Candlelight) about planning and organizing. We talked about planning in seasons and intervals, planning as hospitality, personality and planning, and much more!

If you weren’t able to catch us live, you can still get the replay.

~ FAQ ~

The other day Danielle asked by email,

If you get a chance I just wanted to see what your review or thoughts are on the “Book of Marvels”. Today, I saw it listed in your book list. Last week I emailed someone on Abe books to see if they would sell it for a little lower. It is crazy how much the book is going for everywhere. I just wondered if you think it is worth the extra money. Thanks for your time!

Like most books I buy on Brandy’s recommendation, Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels has not been a disappointment.

The descriptions are vivid and personal. My kids think Halliburton is a bit off his rocker, but there’s no denying that his passion for travel and beauty (both natural and man-made) and daring-do is communicated through enchanting and bold language.

The book is not for the faint of heart, which is probably why AO has it as a junior high text. He does not hesitate to talk about the human sacrifices made at certain sites, about the deaths of previous mountain-climbers (as he himself climbs the Matterhorn), or how the tidal wave that made Mont St. Michal an island washed out to sea the houses and inhabitants in the valley. He doesn’t make more of it than necessary, but he doesn’t shy away from stating it like it is, with dash.

I actually love it, as do the kids. However, I found a copy of both volumes (Complete Book of Marvels) for $35, which Brandy told me was a good price. It’s out of print, so you’ll want to keep your eyes open at thrift stores, library sales, and used book sites online. You never know when a copy will turn up.

~ free reads ~

kids reading or bookshelf

I came home from the library this week with a heap of Mr. Putter and Tabby and Paul Galdone. Knox and Ilse have been reading them aloud to Geneva, and it’s so fun to see them sitting together enjoying stories and read alouds (without me). :)

Books read in our home this week:

How was your week?

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  1. Danielle
    | Reply

    Thank you Mystie for taking the time to review the Complete Book of Marvels! I needed someone else to help me justify the expense for a book that has been on my “want” list for a while ;)

  2. Amber Vanderpol
    | Reply

    I had to laugh about your comment about Charlotte Mason. I’ve been thinking the same thing, but about dictation this year. I was all set to buy a fancy spelling program for my absolutely abysmal speller but then at the last minute I took the items out of my cart and decided I would at least give studied dictation a try. And would you believe it? It is working marvelously! I cannot believe the level of improvement I’ve seen since August.

    And Book of Marvels is absolutely wonderful. I’ve read it once with my oldest and I’m looking forward to starting it with my second next year. It is such a shame that this book is out of print!!

  3. April Ann
    | Reply

    I cannot find your book lists. Help!!

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