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Faithful Follow-through

My latest innovation is doing the girls’ hair during Morning Time. I was rarely getting to it before we got started, but we have more “seeing people” days than not now and I really needed to bump up doing their hair on my priority list so they weren’t perpetually disheveled. It’s much better for everyone when hair is out of the face.

So, rather than “try harder” I “tried smarter”: tie the task that never gets hits to something that does. While we sing our first song, I do their hair. They’re sitting, occupied. I’m getting two things done at once (I love that), and then the rest of Morning Time they look lovely – a nice payoff. The bands and brush are part of the supplies now.


Favorite Instagram of the week:

After an Instagram about a particularly nasty Sunday-morning snarl, several people told me I needed a Wet Brush. Kayla – who has been helping me with some blog administrative tasks as a VA – went farther, though, and had one show up on my doorstep! Thanks, Kayla! It really has made brushing a breeze.

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Ah, the headaches homeschool moms get over math issues! I am right there with you. Here’s the latest question and both a video and written answer.

I think you said you took a break from curriculum to drill facts. What age was this and how did you drill math facts? I’d like to have math be our focus this quarter and not sure how to do it.



We use and love Math-U-See in our home, but so far every student at one point or another – and usually more than once in his math career – needs to pause the curriculum and just focus on math facts.

Some math facts practice should be done in alongside a math curriculum – we use for additional drill. But when basic arithmetic is getting in the way of more complicated problems like long division or fractions, we’ve stopped to shore up those issues with practice, practice, practice of just the facts, ma’am.

Stopping the curriculum to ensure the foundational basics are solid has, so far, not held any of my kids back long-term. Because they can do the arithmetic fast and accurately, their mind is free to deal with the conceptual problem when they get into higher math. They might be behind for a time, but they will likely catch up. A strong foundation is essential.

Don’t be afraid to pause and reinforce addition facts or times tables!

The list of our homeschool curriculum.

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Introverts homeschooling extroverts: Practical ways to make it work

by Purva Brown at Simple Homeschool

I know because I am one. I have three children – one introverted, one extremely extroverted and one… well, we just don’t know yet. It’s too soon to tell. However, I can tell you that even with just the one extrovert, our days can be a little hard to navigate.

Sometimes as those extraverts get older, they don’t need to be put down for a quiet time so mom can recover – mom needs to take the quiet time herself and let the extrovert recharge by playing with others. It’s true.

How to Be a Charitable Reader: On Fantasy, Fiction, and Faith

by Adam Andrews at CiRCE

As a parent, I am sometimes troubled by this prevalence of witchcraft, sorcery, and magic – of dragons, spells and enchantments – of the works of darkness masquerading as deeds of light. After all, I’m not just a reader or a teacher; I’m a father, a guardian of young souls, and a Christian one at that. Some of the stuff I find in these books is scary to me, if not actually forbidden by the teachings of my faith.

If you’ve ever been nervous about fairy tales or fantasy, this is a helpful perspective.

World Weary?

by Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles

Every day, every minute, I have to remind myself that this humble work of loving, nurturing, learning, teaching, home-making, celebrating is my calling.

Honest musings. I’m not alone. You’re not alone.

Free-Reading Fans

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The kids were caught reading this week:


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  1. Angelique
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    Awww, one of my favorite childhood memories is that every morning while I ate my cereal my mom would braid my hair and sing to me. :)

  2. Emily
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    What a cute picture of the little girls studying (playing!) nature!

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