Friday Five

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1. A quote for productivity

What’s Best Next is one of my favorite productivity books – I think it’s better than Getting Things Done. And I love Perman’s definition of “gospel-driven productivity”:

He goes on to say

We should be radical and risky and creative and abundant in using our effectiveness to make life better for others.

and one way to do that is to

Implement systems that enable you to ultimately expand your capacity overall.

…which is exactly what Simplified Organization: Learn to Love What Must Be Done is all about.

2. PSA: Don’t skip breakfast

Mornings often have a lot of moving pieces and we have to get not only ourselves up and moving, but everyone else. It can be hard to fit in a decent breakfast, but it helps oh-so-much.

3. For your listening pleasure

News Flash: On Monday I will be launching the Simplified Organization AudioBlog on Monday! Stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy these episodes from the Simply Convivial AudioBlog:

If you don’t want to miss a thing, you can sign up to get the show notes and episode links delivered straight to your inbox:

4. Get the sunshine while you can

While the older kids were at piano lessons, I took the younger two to the park. It was windy, but it was sunny – and I want to get the sun while I still can! I added 3,000 steps to my count and read a chapter of my book while they played. It was perfect.

Brandy has a great article on how sunshine can help when you feel low-energy.

5. 5 ideas worth sharing

1. Burnout

9 Signs You Are On The Verge of Burnout (And What To Do About It)

by Johan D’Haeseleer at Productivityist

If you’re completely honest, you feel like you’re losing control. And that feels lousy. Your inbox is overflowing. You’re not fulfilled in your work. You find yourself moving from problem to problem all day long.

Hm. What if we hit February burnout (or even September burnout) because we live multiple of these “warning signs” just as a matter of course? The article is for people working a job or building a business, but if you look past his examples and to what he’s saying, it certainly applies to anyone (including mothers) with multiple responsibilities on her plate.

2. Intentionality

Doing Good Work that Matters Doesn’t Happen Accidentally

by Matt Perman, author of What’s Best Next

Doing good work also doesn’t just happen accidentally. We have to be intentional in making plans for the welfare of others. And then we have to be proactive in carrying those plans out.

3. Home

8 Ways to Cultivate a More Restful Home

by Jeanne Harrison at Revive Our Hearts

Much as I would love to glide through our front door and enter a Norman Rockwell painting, most days my home more closely resembles a Jackson Pollock train wreck.

Jeanne has 8 things to keep in mind for us as homemakers. Guess what? Having a restful homes means we have to rest ourselves and provide rest for others. Who would have thought?

4. Planning

Making things happen vs letting things happen

by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy

I believe in working hard to make things happen, with the understanding that some things can’t be forced. You can’t make those things happen: you can only let them happen.

The work is ours. The results are God’s.

5. Storytelling

Removing Ourselves From the Center of Everything

by Leo Babauta, author of Zen to Done

When we go about our day, we tell ourselves a story about what’s happening – and at the center of that narrative is a single person. Ourselves.

And that might not be the best story to be keyed into…

The story is actually about Jesus, not us. That might not be Babauta’s message, but he’s close to a truth that we can take all the way home.

Have a great weekend and remember that weekly review!

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