Friday Five

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1. Thinking

How you start your day matters.

2. Answering

I received this question about filtering email from Maria:

Wow! I didn’t realize you could only have 10 emails. I’m definitely getting close to the 12,000! Until a friend mentioned it one time I didn’t even realize it was only the unopened ones. Many are advertisements. Do you find it’s better to just get off the list for some of those to cut down on your inbox?

So I made a short video answer:

So, your inbox is filling up with ads and newsletters you’ve signed up for.

You have three options.

  • First, you can unsubscribe. If you don’t use the coupon codes and it’d be better if you didn’t purchase from the retailer again, or if the emails are just annoying, unsubscribe.
  • Second, you can archive them automatically with a filter. Then, they are there in the background if you need them, but you get to decide when you want the sale information instead of opening yourself to the marketer’s siren call. Just search for the retailer when you’re shopping, and the latest discount code will show up.
  • The third option is to let land in your inbox and archive or delete each and every email after laying eyes on it. Only do this if you genuinely derive benefit from seeing the emails. Being allowed in your inbox, in front of your eyes, is a privilege you should be stingy with.

3. Podcasting

4. Clicking

In which I upgrade my sticky-note to-do list method.

by Leila Lawler

Just so you know, I am not pushing this method — only offering it if your note-taking temperament happens to line up with mine — that you gravitate towards little notes scattered all over, tend to find notebooks too commitment-y, and find that an archive of admonitions to go to the bank rather burdensome.

If you like paper planning and want to try something unconventional and highly personalized, check out Leila’s system. One of the paper planning methods taught in Work the Plan was a variation of Leila’s original system created by a member in the course – it’s brilliant.

Why the Local Church Really Matters

by Tim Challies

All Christians need the spiritual accountability and discipline that being a member of the local church brings. It stops us from drifting. It offers a context for encouragement and rebuke. It provides a community to stir one another on to love and good deeds.

Join a faithful local church. Go every Sunday, through thick and thin.

This is not at all unrelated, but intimately related, to personal growth of every type. Being part of a local church is vital, critical, essential.

Christians, This Is Our Night

by David Mathis at

Claiming All Hallows’ Eve truly belongs to believers does not mean we celebrate death or darkness. Far from it. We celebrate our Savior’s victory over death and over everything demonic. We mark Christ’s triumph, through death, over sin and Satan.

I thought this was a sound and well-reasoned perspective.

5. Doing

Three kids each made dinner independently this week. It was wonderful! Above is my 13-year-old’s dinner: Southwestern Chicken Soup and no-knead bread. The next night my 8-year-old made tomato soup (by combining boxes & cans as directed) and grilled cheese sandwiches. Then last night the 11-year-old made beef stroganoff all by himself, including browning the ground beef.

Pretty nice!

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