Friday Five: gaming, goals, and garb

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Faithful Follow-through

Not only did we have Christmas break this week, but my husband also took the week off! So it was board game city around here, with a few pauses for cleaning up Christmas and doing some website maintenance - oh, and recovering from the inevitable post-holiday colds. Matt found a steal of a deal on Food Chain Magnate and it's currently our top pick. It's a deep strategy game that nevertheless takes an hour or two per play. I think we'll have played it ten times by the end of the week.
Favorite Instagram of the week:
We had our traditional homemade apple fritter family open house the day after Christmas - it was a smashing success. How could it not be? :) Several people have asked: We use the recipe from Top Pot's Hand-Forged Doughnuts. That is, Matt uses it - so everything is actually measured and done according to direction. Follow me on Instagram


For 2016, I made it a goal to wear a size 8. I had been in the upper ranges of a size 10, and wasn't exactly sure what number on the scale would correspond to a size 8. In a moment of honesty, I acknowledged that it was the size of jeans that I cared about, not the scale. I hit that goal and immediately donated all my size 10 pants to the thrift store with a "burn the ships" strategy. So between a new size and a new season, I needed some new things in my closet. Besides Target and Costco, my typical clothing sources, I tried out Thred-Up a couple months ago.
Thred-Up is a consignment/thrift store online. The category or color browsing could definitely use improvement, but I did find a couple sweaters and a pair of patterned leggings and a new maxi dress I liked. I tried a pair of jeans and another pair of pants, but had to return them because they didn't fit. I returned another sweater because I thought it was deep orange, but it turned out to be coral. The return process was smooth, though, and as easy as returning anything from Amazon or another online retailer - click through the returns form, print, drop off. If I had a favorite brand and style of jeans or tops, Thred-Up would probably be a useful place to haunt. If you sign-up and try it out through my affiliate link, you'll get a $10 credit toward your first purchase. Plus if it's your first order with them, you can use the discount code merry40 for 40% off - with the prices already being thrift/clearance, you find a great deal if you have the time to hunt. They sell kids' and maternity clothes, too!


Fodder for the mind, that is. :) I've been putting together my 2017 goals, and decided it was time again to shop from my shelf and make a goal of reading some of the books I've collected on my shelves.
10 books on my shelf to read in 2017:
5 books to study in 2017:
Plus, I decided I want to dig in and slow-read through several educational philosophy books I've already read. In the summer we'll start high school and, at the same time, my youngest will be dipping her toes into Kindergarten (if she's ready, but she's acting ready). So, nearing the end and a new beginning, and with some years under my belt now, I want to make sure I keep learning and applying rather than coasting. I chose these 5 education books to study:


More on the Need to Teach Arts Instead of Subjects
by Andrew Kern
Now, math is analogous of all learning, with this benefit: what you learn in math is so abstract that you can se the mind itself with vivid clarity, at least compared with what it is doing in, say, literature. And here is the application: the emotional state of a person learning math is the emotional state of a person learning anything, but more manifest and less easy to hide.
These two sentences alone gave me much to chew on. This is a meaty article to read when you have a cup of coffee and the possibility of not being interrupted. (Ha! I know)
More Than Just a Mom
by Gloria Furman at Family Life
Too many moms see limitations rather than the incredible opportunities they have to make disciples for Christ. Author Gloria Furman reminds mothers they have been designed to nurture the lives He creates. The biggest challenge, she admits, is forgetting that the Jesus she worships has walked out of His grave and is alive, and that He is with her in this parenting mission.
This series is a good perspective-shift and reminder for the new year!
Are you practicing sustainable homeschooling?
by Purva Brown at Simple Homeschool
We want to be able to work consistently, to accomplish tasks without burning out ourselves or our children. To do our job in the best way possible so that we can uphold and defend our values.
Yes, we do - and we should. It's worth working out and trial-and-erroring our way towards what I remember Brandy calling "a livable life."

Free-Reading Fans

The kids were caught reading this week:
Are you making goals for 2017 or choosing a word for the year?
If so, share in the comments! Add a link to a post if you write about it, too. :) I'll be sharing more about mine on Monday!

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  1. Melissa Greene
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    Hey Mystie, I just posted three words with intended goals for the new year. You can find it here…

    Blessings in the New Year,

  2. Anna
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    My hubby gave me a “cupon” to get myself some clothes for Christmas, so I’ll be checking out Thred-Up. :)
    I wrote about my word for 2017 on my blog:

  3. Carol
    | Reply

    “Board game city’ – I can relate to that…Saboteur, Takenoko, Ticket to Ride & yet another variation of Monopoly (Empire) which my daughter assures me is quicker than the regular game.

  4. mystie
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    Membership created from mystie’s import.

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