Friday Five: goals, menus, & books

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1. Goal Setting

Are you making goals for 2017? Here are some helpful articles I’ve written in the past to help you focus on what matters in 2017:

Or maybe you’re tired of setting goals and forgetting about them by February?

Do you want to get a grip and start making progress in your home and your approach to life but you know you’ll quickly fizzle out?

Are you an extrovert who works better when there are others to bounce ideas off of, who needs to join a group to stay motivated?

Are you an introvert who needs craves meaty discussion with people on the same wave-length?

Here’s the ticket to consistency & momentum for 2017: The New Year New Attitude Consistency Crew

For current Simplified Organization eCourse members and anyone who joins by January 5, we’ll connect regularly and intentionally to help us keep our eyes on the goal and move forward with joy.

If organizing feels like a useless chore or you are discouraged that you never seem to make progress at home, join us and find the joy in diligence you’ve been seeking.

Learn more about the Consistency Crew

2. Menu Planning


(We’ll have more than three breakfasts, but we’ll just repeat.)


  • bread, cheese, apples, & veg
  • chips & cheese
  • soup & crackers


I’m pulling out a cheap Thanksgiving turkey from the freezer this week!

  • Monday: roast a turkey, roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes
  • Tuesday: turkey pot pie with biscuit top
  • Wednesday: turkey soup, salad, rolls
  • Thursday: ground beef hash
  • Friday: butternut squash soup, muffins, salad
  • Saturday: cheesy steak fries

Real food in my simple kitchen:

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We had our traditional homemade apple fritter family open house the day after Christmas – it was a smashing success. How could it not be? :)

Several people have asked: We use the recipe from Top Pot’s Hand-Forged Doughnuts. That is, Matt uses it – so everything is actually measured and done according to direction.

3. Reading

I love books. One glance around my home and it’s clear that if I am a collector of any sort, I am a collector of books. I collect them faster than I read them. So I chose out 10 from off my own shelves that I am making it a goal to read in 2017:

10 books on my shelf to read in 2017:

I will read more than these, but I will have at least one of these going in my book stack in 2017.

4. Clicking

Look Up!

by James Smith (1865), excerpted at Out of the Ordinary

It is impossible to say what will happen to us, or what will be required of us this year — but “Look up!” This direction, if properly attended to, will . . . procure for us all that we need, secure us against all that we dread, and make us more than a match for all our foes and fears!

Saying Yes to God’s Unexpected Plan

by Melissa Kruger at Gospel Coalition

When I see it, it reminds that I want to be like Mary, willing and open to receive from God whatever he might bring to my life. However, as I reread the story in Luke this morning, I was struck by Mary’s acceptance of God’s surprising plan for her life. It didn’t come all at once.

10 Easy Ways to Have a Neater Home in the New Year

by Dana White at A Slob Comes Clean

Don’t worry. I’m not over-simplifying or assuming your home is a few tweaks away from perfection. But these ten simple things that I’ve learned the (very) hard way over the past seven years of my own deslobification process have had a big impact. A much bigger impact that I would have ever believed possible.

I have found these same steps to be the most significant changes I’ve made over the years.

5. Doing

One thing we did this week was move Simplified Pantry and all the homemaking articles from Simply Convivial over here to Simplified Organization. Now all home-related topics will be in one place. All my ebooks and courses are here in one shop , and my monthly bookkeeping and content-planning was just incredibly simplified. :)


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