Friday Five: Programming Hopeful, Tidiness Do-Over, Year-Round Woes, and more

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~ follow-through ~

Weekly Wrap-Up

The anticipation builds: only three more weeks of regular school, then testing week, and then we’re off until after the fourth of July! We’re closing in on it, and it helps propel us forward. Actually, I keep thinking of reasons maybe we should just call it good enough for now, but we will push on – those times I have on the calendar to school with friends ties me to my commitments instead of my whims – which is why I made them.

Hans finished his history book this week, which means I actually budgeted for less consistency than we had. That might be a first. He has also begun learning how to code in html & javascript using Khan Academy. I told him if he could increase his typing speed and learn some html I’d teach him how to do some blog administration. I also told him I’d pay him for his help, so that might be spurring on the motivation. :)

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Favorite Instagram of the week:

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~ ‘fore & aft ~

round button chicken

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

So, last week I had only a before picture because the after never happened, so my extra home task of the week was clear. Thursday I finally got it tackled.


~ freebie ~

Pam has a new free resource I think you’ll love:

The Confident Homeschooler: How to Thrive in the Day to Day

This little 30-minute audio download is a shot-in-the-arm for focus and confidence. Her tips are all those we hear from experienced homeschool moms but still tend to forget or neglect. That doesn’t make it an “I already know this” sort of lecture, though, because Pam has a gift for breaking processes down and making them actionable and doable.

If you need a little pep talk to finish out your year (like I do), this is just the ticket.

~ FAQ ~

Today’s question is about our year-round homeschool schedule:

So I LOVE the idea of this schedule, but here’s where it breaks down for me. I have 4 kiddos 15 to 10 yrs. They don’t have many homeschool friends, but have a lot of private/public school friends. Being the kids are older now everyone is busy with sports and activities so we have to work harder to visit with everyone. I end up taking the days off the public/private school has because my kids want to get together with their friends (I hate to say no because the older they get the less opportunity they have to just hang out with sports and activities the other kids are involved in). I also end up taking in extra kids to help out parents who need daycare on no school days. This messes with our days as well.

Between those days and the days we need to take for this reason or that… we end up not being able to take the kinds of breaks I’d like. (ex. every 6 weeks would be awesome!!) Also, we live in MN where the weather is not hospitable December through April. Once summer comes it’s very difficult to be inside doing book work. I’ve never really been able to make this “year round” school work because of these reasons.

Do you have any insight? We’ve been homeschooling for 8 years and almost every year I’ve tried to plan out frequent breaks, but it just hasn’t worked for me. Thanks for any insight you can give!

I do love our year-round school schedule, but it isn’t a magic cure and it isn’t for everyone. We all do have to assess our situations and our needs and make a schedule decision that works within the constraints we’ve been given.

Operating on the public school’s calendar does not make you less of a homeschooler and there are good reasons – like those you’ve listed – to do so.

There are other options that might give you the same effect, too. A four-day school week? Maybe with Wednesdays off instead of Monday or Friday? A long weekend once a month?

Weather also definitely impacts what kind of schedule works best. Arranging the weeks off to coincide with good weather makes perfect sense – and if that means going with the conventional school calendar, all the better for getting together with friends.

Especially as kids get older and have more outside obligations, which usually do run on the school calendar, it does get more difficult. Plus, they have more work and their work becomes less flexible – we want them to finish high school. :) That’s ok. We have to be adaptable and flexible and make the best decisions for our situations.

~ favorite fiction ~

This week’s favorite fiction is an Audible find I came across yesterday! There is a new audio version of Jane Eyre in their collection, and if you download the (free) kindle version of Jane Eyre, you can get the Audible version (in the x collection) for $1.99 – if you’re an Audible member.

I love Jane Eyre. If you’ve never read it, or if you need some company while folding laundry or starting your garden, this would be a perfect selection.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Bethany W
    | Reply

    TOTALLY random, but if you love Jane Eyre, you should check out the musical sound recording. It can also be found on Amazon. (Though, sadly, it is not free with Prime Music.)

  2. SarahD
    | Reply

    Slain by the beautiful spatial poem!!

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