Friday Five: Snow & Soup

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1. Thinking

Do you set yearly goals? Have you started yet?

How do you make a plan to reach them? With interval planning, of course.

2. Doing

I took a meal to a family this week. The day was cold, I had a giant gifted butternut squash and turkey bone broth in the fridge, so clearly I had to make soup. But transporting soup is a pain. Here’s what I did:

We get the giant jars of pickles, and I save the jars. The hot soup went into two jars, which went into a tall box (they’re hot!). Salad in a Ziploc, bread wrapped in paper towels.

My personal opinion is that if a family needs a meal, they don’t need to keep track of someone else’s dishes, either. This is one way I follow through on that opinion.

3. Podcasting

My podcasts are now on break until January! You can check out the podcast pages to find all previous episodes and downloads.

4. Clicking

Lord, Deliver Me from Distraction
by Jon Bloom at DesiringGod
Since the fall of man, people have had trouble staying focused, but we live today in an age of unprecedented distraction. Since you’re already reading this on some electronic device, I don’t need to elaborate.
Distraction is an ever-present possibility, temptation, weakness. We need some strategies for overcoming it.
A Little Happier: During the Holidays, Say “Yes” If We Can.
by Gretchen Rubin
A Little Happier: During busy holiday time, it’s tempting to say “no” to try to make life easier, but in the end, we’re usually happier if we say “yes”—to the office party, the school show, or the holiday gathering.
Especially if you're an introvert (like me), saying "no" is not always the righteous, pure answer, but rather the for-my-own-convenience answer. Don't be the white witch: Celebrate Christmas.

5. Working

Follow me on Instagram I'm working on some more personality-related resources. Be watching! :)

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