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1. This week in our homeschool

My literature class with middle schoolers starts next week and our group Elementary Lessons as well as piano lessons starts up the week after Labor Day – I feel like I’m holding my breath waiting for the avalanche to fall. When it hits, then I’ll dig out and build a snow fort, but until then we’ll plug away with Morning Time, math, and Latin.

2. Something’s up this week

I’m back to interval “running” several mornings a week, this time using the app JogRunSprint. You can determine the number of sets and intervals you do and it marks out 30 seconds for jogging, 20 seconds for running, 10 seconds for sprinting. Right now I have mine set up to warm up for 2 minutes, then do 3 sets 3 times with a 1 minute walk between intervals.

Exercise is a good way to build up those energy reserves, even though it doesn’t feel like it in the midst of it.

3. This week’s announcements

Scholé Sisters is back! And I’m so excited, because we’re talking all about personality: Find the right scholé for your type.

Ok, yes, it was my idea and Brandy humored me – but we had a lot of fun (even Brandy, I think – I always do when someone opens up that topic!)

#### Download the free 1-page Homeschool Personality Cheat Sheet [convertkit form=4853664]

4. This week's reading around the 'net

Five homeschooling articles for your perusal this Friday:
Old Books Disagreements Loving People
by Dawn Garrett, author of I am I can I ought I will: Charlotte Mason's Motto for Elementary Students
Our culture has become so divisive, not just along racial and ethnic lines, but also ideological lines.
And reading old books without censorship but with discussion is the perfect way to address this for our children. This was a beautiful post from Dawn.
Planning is Just Guessing
by Sarah Mackenzie, author of Teaching from Rest
We should never trade our family peace or the leisure of slow, sane learning in exchange for making the most use of our hammer and nails.
Don't value the tools over the goals. A great analogy and reminder from Sarah!
Wasted On Children: Keeping Babylon At Bay
by Joshua Gibbs at CiRCE
The more you love a child, the harder you make it for the Babylonians to love them later. The more you lavish on a child, the more the Babylonians will have to lavish on them later— and the Babylonians are, in truth, really not willing to lavish a whole lot.
Our most important business is forming the tastes and directing the affections of our children. We do this by giving them good things.
8 Experiments in Motivation
by Leo Babauta, author of Zen to Done
Every person is motivated differently.
That's why we need to iterate - we need to figure out how we work, but as homeschool moms, we also need to figure out how our kids work, too. Here are some ideas for keeping the inspiration and motivation going.
Travelers Journal: My Simple No Stress Homeschool Planner
by Amy Roberts, author of Large Family Homeschooling
I liked the concept of having some sort of homeschool planner, but no planner fit my life and therefore, every planner I ever tried ended up cast aside.
Amy describes how she created a homeschool planner that fit her needs and her personality - just what we each should do!

5. This week's books

  • Hans: Dracula by Bram Stroker
  • Jaeger: Black Ops Bricks by Nick Grant
  • Ilse: Pat of Silver Bush by L.M. Montgomery (this is beyond her ability, but she's enthused about it and reading about 3 sentences at a time - so it counts!)
  • Knox: Taggerung by Brian Jacques
  • Geneva: Winnie the Pooh audio book by A.A. Milne read by Peter Dennis

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  1. Stacy
    | Reply

    I always appreciate your posts, Mystie. Thank you.
    I’m also glad for the book lists. I am currently in my one-month free Audible trial and am trying to decide how long, or if, I should extend this. I’d love to know how your kids listen to them– do you have several iPods or tablets? Regular ‘ole MP3 players? This is the one thing I can never figure out about audiobooks for my kids–maybe just because there are five of them, and we only have two iPods and my husband takes one with him to work. ;)


  2. Carolina
    | Reply

    I’d love to know where the number worksheet is from and the colorful page protectors?

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