Friday Five

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1. A quote for keeping focused

Yet a thing begun is half done. No matter how unpleasant a thing is to do, begin it and immediately it becomes less unpleasant. Form the excellent habit of making a start. – Joseph Morris

Starting is the hardest part. Once you can overcome the hurdle of beginning, you’re well on your way to finishing.

Whatever the task is, it’s probably not as bad as your imagination is making it out to be. Get the ball rolling and you’ve done the hardest part.

2. An interval app

I’m back to interval “running” several mornings a week, this time using the app JogRunSprint. You can determine the number of sets and intervals you do and it marks out 30 seconds for jogging, 20 seconds for running, 10 seconds for sprinting. Right now I have mine set up to warm up for 2 minutes, then do 3 sets 3 times with a 1 minute walk between intervals.

Exercise is a good way to build up those energy reserves, even though it doesn’t feel like it in the midst of it.

3. From my feeds: Omnifocus Tour

4. Getting set for back to school routines?

I am determined this year. This year I will menu plan six weeks at a time – during our break weeks – so I can just make dinner without thinking and without adding another piece to my weekly review (a piece I frequently left off).


Get Simplified Dinners to make this process easy with the discount code backtoschool for 20% off.

5. Ideas for sharing

8 Experiments in Motivation

by Leo Babauta

Every person is motivated differently (and in fact, that can shift), so finding methods that motivate you personally is a matter of experimenting.

Iterate! Figure out how you work and then capitalize on that knowledge. Here are some ideas for tactics to try.

How to eliminate the calendar clutter & regain peace in your life!

by Crystal Paine

It is great to dream about all these amazing things you want to accomplish, but the reality is that overextending yourself and packing your schedule so full with good stuff doesn’t make for a great life at all – it makes for an overwhelming life.

A good reminder to intentionally choose your activities and commitments.

One of the Biggest Happiness Mistakes that I Keep Making Over and Over.

by Gretchen Rubin

It’s false to believe that there will be more time in my future than there has in my past.

Ha! I make this happiness mistake all the time. :) It’s unrealistic expectations, and it’s an attitude killer.

What Story Would Your Biography Tell?

by Elisha Galotti

As each day passes, your story is being written. Right now, even as you read these words, your story is quietly unfolding.

A good reminder, and so true. Live your biography.

4 Ways to Drink More Water

by Christa Threlfall

But a quick internet search will tell you that the majority of people are dehydrated without even realizing it.

Drinking enough water is such a quick, easy, cheap pick-me-up! You’re missing out if you aren’t drinking enough!

Have a great weekend and remember that weekly review!

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