Friday Three

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Faithful Follow-through

This was our last school week of 2016! Hard to believe. Next week we have the week off for Thanksgiving, then the next week is dedicated to a large church fundraiser I help with, and then it’s advent – mostly break, but also time for more music, some art, some crafts, some cleaning, and lots of reading. We’ll do a short Christmas Morning Time so that we have an excuse to sing carols together, but everyone will have large chunks of the day to do with as they will – which we’re all excited about.

I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in the first half of our year. Some things we are more than halfway finished with, some things less so, but we’ve made steady progress and stuck with it well. Trello is really working for us, probably because I’ve actually been consistent in keeping it up.

Funny how that works.

Favorite homeschool Instagram of the week:

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This week’s FAQ video doesn’t come from an actual question, but instead is a paragraph from an email I wrote for The Art of Homeschool Kickstart Guided Tutorial.

Do you ever call yourself a lazy homeschool mom?

You probably aren’t. You’re probably just stubborn. Like me.

Let’s dig in and do what we’re supposed to do, not waiting for the feeling before we begin but expecting it to follow after we get down to business.

The Art of Homeschooling

Feed the (head)phones

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

I will be taking next week off blogging until Friday. It’ll be a week of housecleaning, holiday hosting, and behind-the-scenes clean-up here. I’ll still be around on Instagram. :)

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