Choose a growth mindset.

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How to organize your attitude #1

An organized attitude is a growth-oriented attitude.

An organized attitude is a growth mindset attitude. A mindset that perceives life from the lens of growth rather than mere failure or success makes us resilient, open, and grateful.

An attitude that perceives life from the lens of growth rather than mere failure or success makes us

  • resilient,
  • open,
  • grateful.

When we see the circumstances God sends our way as opportunities to grow, then we do not have to fear, we do not have to get angry, we do not have to panic. Instead, we hunker down and see that we are being given the opportunity to practice this or that fruit of the Spirit and pray for it to be granted us. We see our need and get the grace that will see us through.

Choosing a growth mindset is sanctification, not self-help. We are to grow in godliness, and so if we can see our inconveniences, set-backs, and failures as providentially sent for our good, for our growth, we will be able to work through them with faith and not wallow in them in fear.

A growth mindset sees the yogurt spilled all over the floor – the homemade yogurt that took 24 hours to make – as a call to prize the child over our efforts by not taking him down for it but helping him clean it up instead. It’s not about my yogurt, it’s about what and who I love.

The good news is that when we practice acting out the right choice in such everyday situations, it will slowly change our internal responses. Even if, at first, we regret the yogurt more than we regret yelling at the child, if we obey and put things right and choose the right thing, our hearts will be changed.

Before organized closets, we need to accept our roles and duties.

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  1. LibbyJane
    | Reply

    Oh my word! You are so right.

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  3. manylessons
    | Reply

    This attitude is so very important. My husband has a fixed mindset and I have a growth mindset, so it is easy to see the difference between the two. We often discuss the value of “going for growth” and how it gives us a positive, rather than a negative view of events that happen in our life. It helps us to view failure as an opportunity to learn.
    And your discussion of the yogurt spilling reminds me that we do get it wrong with our first thoughts, but it’s what we do with those negative thoughts that will make or break our day. We need, I need, to trust that God gives us all things to learn from and to glorify Him through. Thanks for sharing!

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