Have a menu plan.

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Organize your attitude #30

Do you know one real downer that happens all too often? Not knowing what’s for dinner when 5pm rolls around.

You know what I’m talking about. And, yes, it happens to me, too.

Do you know one real awesome feeling? Knowing at breakfast time what’s for dinner, pulling the meat out of the freezer the night before, and maybe even doing a little head-start prep while the kids eat breakfast.

A menu plan makes those mornings possible. A menu plan helps prevent the first scenario, even when you don’t follow it exactly. Because you’ve thought through options and have food on-hand, you can still pull something together if you have a few menu planning strategies.

We don’t often think about menu plans in terms of our attitude, but so often our ups and downs are based on whether or not we feel “on our game,” and the beginning of being “on game” is knowing what’s for dinner.

There are several different strategies you can try:

If nothing else, a quick menu planning session during your weekly review – one that doesn’t involve internet searches or specialty ingredients, but one based on a basic pantry – will make a huge difference.

When even that is too much, a morning menu choice will still accomplish the goal: knowing what’s for dinner that day before the day gets rolling so you’re not caught unawares by the afternoon, so you can pull the pieces out of the freezer, so you can make sure you have what you need.

Want to start the day feeling on top of your game?

It begins with knowing what’s for dinner.

Plan ALL the meals!

The Simplified Pantry menu plans make it easy! Menu planning shouldn’t require magic to make everything come together. Find out how quick and simple menu planning can be with the Simplified Pantry system – get started for free!

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