Know that life will change.

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Organize your attitude #14

Too often we go into a manic planning or organizing fit, thinking that if we just get on top of it now, we’ll be on top of it once and for all.

A “once and for all” attitude to organizing, cleaning, or planning is bound to disappoint. Nothing in this life is once and for all.

#077: Life will change. It’s ok

Life goes through different phases, stages, and seasons. Nothing we do will change that. Instead, what we do should work with that reality.

Planning and organizing while knowing that life will change and shift and our efforts will not last forever (or maybe even that long) will look different.

Life will change, so adjust expectations accordingly.

Perhaps it seems like if you start out knowing your efforts are only temporary and not going to last, you’ll start discouraged and think it’s not worth the time you’re investing.

However, it could also have the opposite effect.

Life will change, so work in planned iterations.

Perhaps, if you know you’ll need to reorganize that closet or revamp the chore system or redo the routines, you’ll be freed to let go of perfectionism and just start. The stakes aren’t high. Something is better than nothing and you don’t have to keep this system or set of routines forever.

The more often you start, the easier it becomes to rebuild or readjust the next time. You can start now, knowing you’ll get a shot at redoing it again. It can get better each time.

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