A New Opportunity for Mom Quiet Time

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You know I love audiobooks.

So when Heirloom Audio contacted me and offered to send me their collection of dramatized Henty stories, I jumped at the opportunity.

There is nothing like the power of story to communicate truth and virtue. There is nothing like taking in a story to transform the mind, emotions, and affections all together, especially one told with feeling and energy.

And these stories are told with energy, with drama, with conviction.

I was blown away by the production quality of these stories. Voice actors we recognized from BBC productions, Downton Abbey, and Adventures in Odyssey are part of these stunning tales (yes, it’s Anna).

These are not audiobooks. These are audio movies. In fact, my 6-year-old asked me the other day if this time, when I turned on the story, could I leave the screen on so he could watch it (we play CDs through our computers).

True, they are not unabridged recordings of whole books, but rather they are productions. However, this is perfectly fitting for Henty, who produced not classics but rather the kind of adventure fun reading that you can let your kids glut on without reservation. So, treating those stories as a basis for high-quality, movies-for-the-ears is perfect.

The stories portray value-driven, principled decisions in the face of risk and danger, courage, honor, and valor. Check out their collection!

Stories are formative, and so the more we can fill up our children with them, the better. Heirloom Audio is creating worthy stories told with the best quality production – they are inspiring. Yes, the company is. Yes, the stories are.

If you have an extrovert boy who thinks he doesn’t like audiobooks, these are for him. If you have wished for more or better stories for your movie-loving or drama-craving children, these are for you. If you have an upcoming car trip, these will keep everyone engaged.

These are coming with us on any summer family road trips, for sure.

[I received the box set for review in exchange for an honest review. Seriously, all 5 kids spent over an hour together in rapt attention, listening to The Dragon and the Raven, fiddling with their own toys or projects, multiple afternoons last week. These are great.]

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